24-Year-Old Mother Shot To Death After Telling BLM Supporters ‘All Lives Matter,’ Father Says

This is absolutely unacceptable. People better start waking up or this will become commonplace.

“Last Sunday, a young mother from Indianapolis, Indiana, Jessica Doty Whitaker, was shot to death after allegedly getting into an argument about Black Lives Matter and language.

The incident started “with an argument over Black Lives Matter and language,” according to the victim’s family, Fox 59 reported. “Eventually the two sides separated and walked away from each other, until witnesses claim the killer opened fire from a nearby bridge and ran away.”

Fiancé Jose Ramirez, who was with Doty Whitaker, 24, at the canal at the time of the incident, told the news station, “It was squashed and they went up the hill and left we thought, but they were sitting on St. Claire waiting for us to come under the bridge and that’s when she got shot.”

Ramirez says he fired back but did not hit anyone.

Robert J. Doty, the victim’s father, told reporter Cassandra Fairbanks that his daughter told the Black Lives Matter supporters that “All Lives Matter.”

The Daily Wire spoke to Mr. Doty to confirm. “Yes that is accurate,” Doty said when asked if his daughter said “all lives matter” during the argument about BLM.

Doty added that he “just wants justice” for his daughter.

Taking to Facebook, the grieving father showed off a tattoo of his daughter’s name on his back, which he got days after her murder.

Ok I did a thing

Posted by Robert J Doty Sr. on Tuesday, July 7, 2020

“She shouldn’t have lost her life. She’s got a 3-year-old son she loved dearly,” a tearful Ramirez told Fox 59. “It’s hard to tell him his mom is in heaven and if you want to talk to her you have to look up and say, ‘I love you mom.’”

“We’re going through a lot,” the fiancé added. “The 3-year-old boy doesn’t even understand really. I just want justice for Jessica and her son and her family.”

The victim’s grandfather posted to “Facebook that ‘multiple black assailants’ shot her in the head,” Fairbanks reported.

“Why isn’t anybody outraged about this?” the grandfather asked. “Is it that BLM was involved or that it was white young adults that [were] the victims?”

I am asking everyone to please keep my family in your thoughts and prayers as we mourn the loss of my oldest bonus…

Posted by Heather Doty on Sunday, July 5, 2020

A week before Doty Whitaker’s death, two were shot along the same canal, including a 14-year-old black boy who was killed during an armed robbery, according to Fox 59.

Still, MPD Capt. Jerry Leary says the “canal is still a safe [place] to go.”

“Just recently the DMD is hiring two overtime officers to work the canal during those times nightly,” Leary said. “A combination of all those efforts we hope is going to make a difference and it can’t help to.”

The victim’s killer remains at large.

Police are asking citizens with any information concerning the incident to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

A GoFundMe for the victim has been set up by Macie Dunn; The Daily Wire was able to confirm the account via the victim’s father Robert Doty.

“Jessica, was a wonderful mother, sister, daughter, fiancée, friend, aunt, cousin [and] coworker,” the GoFundMe reads. “Loved by many and will [surely] be missed by many.”

“She made sure everyone around her was happ[y],” the post says, “… She does not deserve this. She has passed away on July 5th, 2020 around 3:30 [a.m.]. She was walking the downtown canal with her fiancée a Friend and his girlfriend. And was shot.”

“We are asking for you to donate whatever you can to help our family give her the most beautiful service she deserves. Also to help with the beautiful son she left behind. That was her pride and joy . WE LOVE YOU JESSIE ❤WE ARE THANKFUL.””

Police released a video of the incident and are asking the public for help identifying the killer.

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. They want us to feel for them and the crap they go through as black people. But you kill one of us, and nothing is done about it. War is the one thing I know lot’s about. And the amount of hate I’m starting to feel is becoming very real at this point. It better come to a stop really soon, or a real revolution will be coming. And there will be know mercy.

  2. I blame the Democratic Party. Trump could have brought back martial law. The Democratic party has blood on their hands. I always voter with the Democratic party because that’s where my belief were, no more BLM is a terrorist group and they are supporting them. all the cities are run by Democratic mayors they let BLM destroyed and burnt and that innocent civilians an innocent police officers get injured and killed. This young woman lost her life in front of her son because she believed all lives matter and so do I
    What the hell is wrong with white people feeling guilty for something we do not have nothing to feel guilty for. None of these democratic cities should get a dime from Washington DC to rebuild their City. The Black Panthers and BLM is declaring war on our police officer throughout United States of America. I will not vote for Joe Biden he kneels to in our country to the terrorist group BLM. There is a civil war coming because people are tired of being afraid to drive their car on the street and being pulled out of it and then our bridge is blocked where our ambulance cannot even get through with a patient that’s in critical need for care. Idiot Democrats want to defund our Police Department yet their family is protected heavily. America is being destroyed from the inside and the Democrats are allowing it to happen I never was a trump supporter but I hope he becomes the leader that he says he is as stops this bulshit and put all these black lives matters and black panthers in jail for killing innocent civilians and police officers. All lives matter but they’re not allowed to paint that on the street but they can paint black lives matter or because of stupid Democratic mayor has those citizens locked up and they’re the one paying the taxes. black lives matter people cannot be working people work how could protest 24/7 and have a job. I hope Trump give these people an opportunity to get the hell out of America and give them money to go back to Africa that their Homeland and if there is a Civil War which probably is coming because a Democratic party is allowed in this s*** to go on and will not let Trump use the act of Martial law to stop it and when the Black lives matter get a hold of one of the democratic party’s family Maybe they will f****** wake up. That George Floyd definitely didn’t need to die like he did but he did resist arrest and he is a criminal was in Penitentiary seven times he was not no saint To many people are being killed who are innocent never been in trouble there are good people and yet the Democratic party lines them self up with criminals. My prayers and hugs go out to everyone e that has been affected by black lives matter terrorist group. I will never vote Democrat again they are the group that should not be able to sleep night their the reason blood flowing into our street in soil of America. We don’t have to worry about a foreign country attacking us and not being defended we’re being attacked by our American terrorist groups . I’m so sick about hearing blacks being oppressed many races are living in poverty including the white race and so many seniors. Everybody in America have the opportunity to have things of their own all they had to do is go out and work for it if that wasn’t true there would not be any black millionaires. This was supposed to been about police brutality but no really what is about everything that the black community wants hell with everybody else. Even though I was never a trump supporter I will say this he’s not the one that’s has got blood on his hands he wanted to bring martial law in and Democrats would not allow it. America is locked and loaded and if there is a revolution in this country all Democrats will be the fault. The American people are fed up homeowners surrounded by protesters that are fear for their life are not allowed to protect their self if they do they go to jail. If protesters attacked their car that’s fearful for the life if they run over a protester they get charged even though the protesters getting ready to pull them out of the car and beat them to death. Shame Shame Shame on the Democratic party and all the mayors in the Democratic City. The covid-19 has really he’ll go over our country and yes we’re supposed to wear masks but protesters can get away with everything. They should be locked up without bond and the leader of the black lives matter should be locked up right now. All the black lives matter that’s harm people they will burn in hell for eternity. Democrat Party is truly evil they let this go on too so they can get votes what are used to get my vote but they never will again. To every person out there that’s lost a loved thru this violence that’s been allowed to go on in country I am so sorry and I pray that there’s a way you can sue our government for not protecting your family. There is a young mother dead now and her son will live without her she won’t have a televised funeral she won’t have a golden coffin she won’t get disney share given to her son’s. Her Family won’t become millionaires well they said crime don’t pay well it pays pretty doggone good for some family.. either way no matter who wins the election troubles probably going to follow.. all this death and destruction and burning could have been prevented if martial law was declared. Trump if you read these do your job and put it into this you have the power if you don’t end it America is going to look like a third world country are downtown and our state already does. May God protect the innocent and wipe out the evil. I want to thank all the law enforcement people and United States of America for the sacrifice that you have did for all of us and I’m so sorry y’all being treated like dirt. A huge thank you for the men and women in blues.

  3. I am fed up with their crap, him. God created all human beings and we all matter to him, but I know he’s got to be so sad and disgusted with these criminals( ANTIFA) They need to let go of the past about what their ancestors went through. What about the Native Americans who suffered the most and had their lands taken away from them?? And do you see them acting like you criminals, nope. But that’s not so much what your problem is, it’s about ruining our GREATEST PREDIDENT DONALD TRUMP. but if it’s GODS will for him to be president in 2020, there is nothing this whole world can do to stop GOD. Hey, wait a minute, wasn’t it the people fr I’m Africa that sold their own people to this Country?? Please let go of your hate, One day you will face OUR CREATOR JESUS and what will u say to him?? Please stop. Grow up and stop destroying our Country. We are pretty close to losing our Country. Vote for Trump, GOD BLESS.

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