BREAKING: Appellate Judge Hands Trump Legal Win In PA Vote Count – Observers Allowed

Victory for Trump! His team will now be allowed to observe the vote count in PA!

“An appellate judge has handed President Trump’s re-election campaign a minor victory, allowing them to observe the counting of ballots in the battleground state of Pennsylvania, his campaign announced.

With the 2020 race tightening and Joe Biden leading in the electoral college, Trump’s campaign filed a lawsuit in the Keystone State on Wednesday demanding vote counts be stopped until they were given better access at polling sites.

In a call with reporters on Thursday morning, campaign manager Bill Stepien said the ruling by a Pennsylvania judge would also allow them to review counting that has already occurred as well.

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The president had a 400,000 ballot lead in the commonwealth on Wednesday but that has shrunk as more mail-in ballots are tabulated and he now has an advantage of 135,000 votes.

“The media and the insiders is in the city, they’ve been trying to count Donald Trump out for years,” Stepien told reporters on a call. “Donald Trump is alive and well.”

“We will win Pennsylvania. I have as much confidence today as I had yesterday. We also won a major victory in Pennsylvania this morning that helps ensure the transparency and openness that Pennsylvania deserves is held true,” he went on.

Both campaigns are prematurely declaring victory in the state before an official count.”

This morning, President Trump tweeted:

“All of the recent Biden claimed States will be legally challenged by us for Voter Fraud and State Election Fraud. Plenty of proof – just check out the Media. WE WILL WIN! America First!”

Excerpted in part from the New York Post.


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