Biden Campaign Threatens To Escort Trump From The White House

“Biden campaign spokesman Andrew Bates threatened to have President Donald Trump escorted from the White House on Friday should he refuse to concede in the 2020 election.

Bates commented after Decision Desk HQ declared Biden as the next president on Friday morning with a projected win in Pennsylvania. The move has not yet been copied by other publications and the Trump campaign has made several attempts to stay in the race.

The Biden campaign has projected strong beliefs that the former vice president will be officially declared the winner. Bates echoed this belief following reports that Trump won’t concede by suggesting he is a “trespasser” that can be removed from the White House.

“As we said on July 19th, the American people will decide this election,” Bates said according to Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Epstein. “And the United States government is perfectly capable of escorting trespassers out of the White House.”

BREAKING: Lawsuit Alleges That At Least 21,000 Dead People Are On Pennsylvania Voter Rolls

Trump has railed against the system over the course of several days, alleging voter fraud in multiple states. The campaign filed a recount motion in Wisconsin and filed lawsuits in Georgie [sic], Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

The Georgia suit was dismissed Thursday but Pennsylvania granted Trump a win, allowing campaign officials to observe ballot counters. Trump’s Michigan lawsuit was also dismissed Thursday, according to Fox News.


Biden, who has also taken the lead in Georgia, spoke alongside Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris Thursday and assured supporters that the duo “will be declared winners” – a testament that has also been heard from Trump and his campaign.

“Democracy is sometimes messy,” Biden said. “It sometimes requires a little patience as well, but that patience has been rewarded now for more than 240 years with a system of governance that’s been the envy of the world. I ask everyone to stay calm — all people to stay calm. The process is working. The count is being completed, and we’ll know very soon.””

Excerpted from the Daily Caller.

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