CNN Makes Surprising Admission About Trump Live On Air

Former President Donald Trump gestures after speaking at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Tuesday, June 13, 2023, after pleading not guilty in a Miami courtroom earlier in the day to dozens of felony counts that he hoarded classified documents and refused government demands to give them back. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

A top attorney and legal commentator is providing validation to former President Donald Trump’s claims about the influence of politics in his prosecution, following his discussion on the matter during his civil trial in New York.

According to respected CNN legal expert Elie Honig, Trump’s assertion that Attorney General Letitia James is targeting him is valid. Honig believes that James is prioritizing her campaign pledges rather than basing her actions on the actual evidence or legal principles. Regarding the issue in which James claims that the Trump organization exaggerated the worth of its real estate holdings, Honig may have angered fans of the leftist network when he concurred that Trump should not have been deprived of the chance to condemn the political agenda of the socialist Democrat.

“Letitia James campaigned for attorney general in 2018 specifically on a promise of ‘vote for me and I’ll get Donald Trump,’” truthfully explained Honig before continuing, “That’s not something she said once. She said it dozens of times, she said it in writing, she fundraised off it, and she wasn’t even specific. She didn’t say ‘I’ll get him for inflating his assets.’ At one point she said he could be indicted for money laundering… The day after she was elected, she said, and I quote, ‘We’re definitely going to sue his ass. He’ll know my name.’”

“When you make statements like that, how can you say there’s no political angle to this?” Honig queried seriously.


On Thursday, Manhattan Supreme Court Judge Arthur Engoron, who is completely opposed to Trump, granted him the opportunity to present his own quick defense but warned him not to give a statement centered around his political campaign or stray into political matters. President Trump adhered to the factual details of the case before tearing into AG James and Engoron’s court.

“We consider this unconstitutional… it’s election interference at the highest level, it’s a disgrace,” Trump blasted. “It’s in coordination with the White House and Joe Biden, because he can’t win a campaign fairly. And we’re going through it, but it is indeed a terrible witch hunt.”

“At this moment, the judge is not letting me make this summation because I’ll bring up things that he doesn’t want to hear,” Trump added. “And it’s a very unfair trial, nobody’s seen anything like this. I don’t think they’ve ever seen anything like this. We have a situation where a statute was used that doesn’t give me a jury. So, I have no jury, I really have no rights, and it’s sad. And nobody, nobody thinks it’s constitutional, people. Legal scholars are writing about it like it’s something they’ve never seen before. So, it’s interference, its political interference, and it’s something that shouldn’t be allowed.”

Earlier this week, Trump vehemently criticized President Biden and cautioned about the potential chaos that could ensue if his prosecution is let to proceed. This statement was made shortly after his counsel claimed in court that he possesses complete immunity from any legal action stemming from his tenure as president.

Trump criticized the Biden administration, labeling it as a ‘threat to democracy,’ and reiterated his belief in ‘tremendous voter fraud,’ despite several court decisions that have rejected his and his supporters’ allegations.

‘It’s very unfair when a political opponent is prosecuted by the DOJ, by Biden’s DOJ. So they’re losing in every poll, losing in almost every demographic…numbers came out today that are really very mind-boggling if you happen to be Joe Biden,’ Trump remarked from a hotel in the nation’s capital.

‘And I think they feel this is the way they’re going to try and win and that’s not the way it goes. It’ll be bedlam in the country. It’s a very bad thing. It’s a very bad precedent. As we said it’s the opening of a Pandora’s Box,’ Trump stated.

He was adopting a word that his lawyer John Sauer used in court, as well as one that his lawyer John Lauro devised in conjunction with Trump.

‘If we adopt what the Special Counsel wants, if we adopt what President Biden wants, then we open the Pandora’s Box to political prosecution after political prosecution after political prosecution,’ said Lauro. ‘In fact, Joe Biden could be prosecuted for trying to stop this man from becoming the next President of the United States,’ he warned.

‘It’s a very sad thing that’s happened with this whole situation. When they talk about threat to democracy that’s your threat to democracy. And I feel that as a president you have to have immunity,’ Trump opined.

Following his statements on the ‘bedlam’ term, a reporter vociferously posed a question to Trump, inquiring whether he would unequivocally denounce any form of violence. Trump departed without offering a response.

Trump subsequently asserted that Biden may face prosecution for the disorderly U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, which occurred after a postponed departure date that was arranged during the Trump administration, and then emphasized the need of immunity.

‘The lowest moment, I think, in the history of our country was Afghanistan – the way we withdrew. With shame. We surrendered. People were killed, 13 great soldiers killed…he [Biden] could be prosecuted for that. So you can’t have a president without immunity.’

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