Amazing Christmas Gift: Couple Adopts Seven Siblings Out Of Foster Care

This is an amazing story! The kind we could use more of!

THV11 reported:

“A couple fought long and hard for a set of seven siblings in Arkansas’ Foster Care System, now those children have a forever home.

Just days before Christmas the court finalized the Hawthorn family’s adoption.

“Our first words were ok we’ll do it for a couple of years but we will not adopt,” said mother Terri Hawthorn. These were Terri and Michael Hawthorn’s words when they chose to become foster parents years ago.

Many children have come in and out of their homes throughout the years, catering love and safety to them all.

In April the couple adopted a set of two siblings, Korgen and Haizlee. On Monday, Dec. 3, they won their biggest challenge and added the team of seven to the mix.

“It feels good to actually have a family to wake up to every morning,” said Kyndal Hawthorn.

The kids expressed their desire to share their story with everyone, in hopes it can help other children like them.

“It feels so great knowing we have a family now and won’t have to go anywhere else,” said Dawson Hawthorn, the oldest sibling.

Posted by Micah Hawthorn on Monday, December 3, 2018

At young ages, these kids have learned the hard way that life means the little things.

“When I got here I was like, oh my gosh, we get our own beds,” said Layna Hawthorn.

Something as simple as a bed was not normal for them.

“We never got that, we had like one bed and most of us slept in the floor,” said Kyndal.”

Prior to the adoption, Micah, Terri and Michael’s birth daughter, posted this to Facebook:

“Less than 35 hours until we share a last name????

Knowing that there are 7 little bodies asleep right now in my parents house is kind of surreal. They’ve had over 80 foster kids pass through their care over the years. Always coming and going.. but to know that these 7 children will grow to be young adults in their home, learning from us, and being influenced by us.. is a whole new feeling.

It’s less than 2 days until you will forever be my baby siblings. A responsibility I don’t take lightly. I will assure you that you will always have a family to love you. You won’t ever have to worry if there’s enough food in the home, or a bed to call your own. You won’t fear, but will continue to learn what’s right. You will go to school, get an education, and one day contribute to our society. You’ll be shown to love God and to love others & give back in this world! You will stay together, and have two people to call Mom and Dad. & you won’t ever have to fear being unsafe again. Fear being hurt again. Because you aren’t going anywhere. You’re home.”

Less than 35 hours until we share a last name????Knowing that there are 7 little bodies asleep right now in my parents…

Posted by Micah Hawthorn on Saturday, December 1, 2018

They also learned early on how to defend for themselves, sticking together.

“The only times we got to eat is when our neighbors would sneak us a bag of chips,” said Kyndal. “We didn’t have a can opener, and they’d give us the cans that we didn’t know how to open. So sometimes we just didn’t eat.”

For years the kids spent their days dreading going home, hoping from foster home to children’s home but found hope in a family that would love them one day.

“These kids did not ask to come to foster care, four or five different homes, or schools,” said Terri.

Many people doubted the couple, and suggested seven kids were too many.

But if you ask Michael and Terri why they chose this life, they’ll tell you.

“This is a blessing, they are a blessing,” said Terri. “Every day these kids wake up and they are giggling and they are happy, and you see the smiles on their faces, that’s what makes this worth it.”

The kids showed off their rooms and favorite toys and said they look forward to a life with a lot of love and fun.

“We hope this will give other opportunities and people will consider opening their homes to foster care and adoption,” said Terri. “There is such a big need for families in Arkansas, and we will be the first to tell you, it’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. Lots of prayer and love is what made this possible.”

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