Duck Dynasty releases new film The Blind on ‘hard times’ before the duck calls: ‘Give people hope’

Duck Dynasty film The Blind
The Blind film hits theaters Sept. 28, 2023, detailing the dark early years of the famous Duck Dynasty reality TV couple, Phil Robertson and Miss Kay. (Credits: AP Photo and The Blind)

Duck Dynasty releases new film The Blind on ‘hard times’ before the duck calls: ‘Give people hope’

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The popular reality TV family behind the Duck Dynasty series is releasing a new film, The Blind, detailing its darker years that came long before the family shared duck calls or laughter around the dinner table.

The Blind explores the power of redemption as Phil Robertson, the head of the Duck Dynasty reality TV family, journeys through and overcomes infidelity, alcoholism, depression, and suicidal thoughts as a young husband and father alongside his wife, Miss Kay.

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“There was all sorts of stuff that, you know, especially my father went through and how he was living his life at the time,” Willie Robertson, the film’s producer and Phil and Miss Kay’s son, told the Washington Examiner. “Kay was a teen mom, and then went through 10 difficult years of their early marriage, and then was a single mom of three boys for a time.”

“I think everybody who’s gone through hard times in their life will relate, and hopefully it will give people hope that you know things can change and life can be better even when you hit those, you know, rock bottom moments,” Willie, CEO of Duck Commander and Buck Commander, continued.

The film is set in the backwoods swamps of Louisiana in the 1960s. It will hit 1,800 theaters nationwide for one week beginning Sept. 28.

“There is a countercultural message to be seen in this timeframe of cancel culture where people say, you know, ‘People don’t change,’” said Korie Robertson, the wife of Willie and co-producer. “But this shows and proves that people do change and they can change — and really the power of God in their life that can change them.”

Willie added that he is encouraged by the recent success of other faith-based films, such as Jesus Revolution and Sound of Freedom.

“There’s definitely a place and an appetite for that,” Willie said. “We saw the [Duck Dynasty] show that dominated the ratings and ended with a prayer — things that I never would have thought would happen, especially in recent America. … Not only does it work, it works well.”

The makers of the film have teamed up with family resources such as Better Man, Dr. James Dobson, and Covenant Eyes in an effort to extend the hope found by the Robertson family.


In 2022, Phil released his book Uncanceled: Finding Meaning and Peace in a Culture of Accusations, Shame, and Condemnation, in which he suggested means for respectful conversations to be born regarding differing opinions — conversations that are grounded in a culture of peace and forgiveness, and not hate.

“I just thought I needed to liven it up a little bit and show them that we love them,” Phil said as to why he wrote the book. “These people come along, and they begin to persecute me and hate me for living a godly life in Christ Jesus. And I love them. .. I’m hoping that they’ll embrace Jesus and that they will love God.”

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