Hunter Biden investigation: Democratic donors and Biden allies found in David Weiss’s office

At least seven prosecutors who worked in the Delaware U.S. Attorney’s Office over the last several years of the Hunter Biden investigation appear to be Democratic donors, a Washington Examiner analysis found.

One of them appears to have a previously unreported personal relationship with the Biden family, at one point referring to Hunter Biden as a “good friend.”

David Weiss, the U.S. attorney in Delaware who earlier this month received special counsel status, has faced criticism from all sides in the months since two IRS whistleblowers aired claims that his office engaged in a pattern of preferential treatment for the Biden family.

Republicans pointed to the claims as evidence that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department was working to protect the Biden family from scrutiny. Hunter Biden’s legal team has begun to argue that Weiss discarded an earlier offer of immunity only to appease Republican critics in the wake of the whistleblower testimony, accusing Weiss of bias in the opposite direction.

Both the prosecutors who signed the now-withdrawn plea deal offered to Hunter Biden in June appear to be relatively new to the case. Neither appear to be Democratic donors.

But the political affiliation of other prosecutors in the office during the years Weiss is accused of misconduct could add to the scrutiny that the special counsel has faced as the Hunter Biden case has erupted into a legal drama.

Daniel Logan, a prosecutor in Weiss’s office until earlier this year, appears to have had a close relationship with the Biden family before he joined the Delaware U.S. attorney’s office.

In 2010, for example, he appeared to write an email to Hunter Biden thanking him for a donation Hunter Biden had made in the name of Logan’s ailing son.

“I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative both Julia and I are for all of the times you and your family have been there for us,” Logan wrote to Hunter Biden. “You are a good friend and I greatly appreciate it.”

Logan worked for Beau Biden, then Delaware’s attorney general, before the latter’s death in 2015.

He is not the only prosecutor in Weiss’s office to have a close personal connection to the Biden family while the office was investigating Hunter Biden; the Washington Examiner previously reported on the presence of Alexander Mackler, a former aide to then-Vice President Joe Biden and Beau Biden and a personal friend of Hunter Biden’s, in the U.S. attorney’s office at the start of the investigation.

Like Mackler, Logan now works in the Delaware attorney general’s office. That office did not return a request for comment.

Most of the prosecutors in Weiss’s office over the past several years, some of whom have since departed, did not appear to donate to any political candidates, according to a review of records for 29 assistant U.S. attorneys listed as having prosecuted cases for the Delaware office since spring 2019.

At least one prosecutor present for the opening of the investigation in Weiss’s office donated to President Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign.

Another, Michael McTaggart, appeared to be a yearslong donor to Delaware Democrats and also appeared to work under Beau Biden during the years he spent at the Delaware Department of Justice.

One exception appears to be that, in 2006, McTaggart donated to both Beau Biden and his Republican opponent, Ferris Wharton, who lost the race.

Weiss’s office has come under so much scrutiny that the Delaware U.S. attorney appears to have shuffled the prosecutors on the Hunter Biden case just as the botched plea agreement came together.

Lesley Wolf, a prosecutor in his office, had played a prominent role in the investigation for years. According to the IRS whistleblowers, she had stymied a series of investigative steps, including by preventing FBI agents from asking witnesses any questions about Joe Biden, tipping off Hunter Biden’s lawyers to surprise interviews the FBI was planning to seek with Hunter Biden and his former business associates, and warning Hunter Biden’s legal team about plans to execute a search warrant on a storage unit.

A New York Times report published this week revealed that Wolf led negotiations over a plea deal that extended broad immunity to Hunter Biden but, following the IRS whistleblowers’ testimony, was pulled back from the case.

The prosecutors who put their names to the document, Leo Wise and Benjamin Wallace, appear relatively new to a case Weiss has overseen since at least early 2019.

Wise was detailed from an outside office earlier this year. Wallace, according to his LinkedIn page, has only worked in Weiss’s office since March.

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