BREAKING: Illegal Who Killed CA K-9 Officer CAUGHT Heading Towards Southern BORDER

On Wednesday morning a K-9 officer was killed by an illegal immigrant about an hour from where I live. News of the killing reached President Trump’s ear & he issued a statement on the need for border security & a wall.

Yesterday I reported:

“A 33-year-old police officer was shot & killed here in California on Wednesday morning. The officer, Ronil Singh, had pulled over a suspect when the man opened fire. Singh radioed in for help and when backup arrived they found him with several gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at an area hospital & authorities are now saying that the man who killed him was in the country illegally. Singh legally migrated to this country from Fiji, only to be killed by an illegal. President Trump just weighed in on the tragedy with a call for border security.”

On Friday morning news came in that the illegal alien was captured as he headed towards the Southern border.

Surveillance photos of the illegal alien suspected in the killing of K-9 Officer Singh, courtesy Stanislaugh County Sheriff’s Department

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The Modesto Bee is reporting:

“The suspect in the shooting death of a Newman Police Department corporal was arrested in the Bakersfield area Friday morning, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department said.

Gustavo Perez Arriaga, 32, was arrested in connection with the murder of Newman, CA Police Officer Ronil Singh.

Also arrested for aiding and abetting were the suspect’s brother, Adrian Virgen, 25, and the suspect’s co-worker, Erik Razo Quiroz, 35.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Office held a news conference at noon to announce the arrest.

Cpl. Ronil Singh, 33, was shot and killed by a man he pulled over for suspected driving under the influence early Wednesday morning.

A friend of Singh, Harinder Singh Toor, posted a photo of the apparent apprehension of the suspect on Facebook.

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The Sheriff’s Office, which is conducting the investigation, released surveillance photos of the suspect and the Dodge pickup he was driving shortly after the shooting. They released more photos on Thursday night.

Authorities said investigators have identified the suspect but will not release his name because he may have several aliases. Sheriff Adam Christianson said the suspect must be in custody and finger printed to confirm his identity.

The pickup, found 13 hours later, abandoned at a River Road mobile home park just south of Azevedo Road, is registered to a Conrado Virgen Mendoza, according to a records search by The Bee.

The Sheriff’s office would not confirm the suspect’s name.

The shooting and subsequent manhunt captured the attention of residents both in and around Stanislaus County and across the country.

At a news conference Thursday in Newman, Christianson pointed out that the suspect was an illegal immigrant.

“He doesn’t belong here; he is a criminal,” the sheriff said, hours before discussing the issue on a Fox News show.

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Singh lived in the northeast Modesto neighborhood of Village I with his wife, Anamika, and their infant son. The family was pictured on Christmas with Singh’s K9 dog, Sam.

Newman Police Chief Randy Richardson, during an emotional news conference Thursday, said Singh immigrated to the United States from Fiji, determined to be a police officer.

“You have to understand, this was not supposed to happen here,” the chief, in tears, told a room full of media and community members.”

Prior to his capture, the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department posted pictures of the illegal immigrant who killed Officer Singh.

This is a picture of Officer Singh that was taken on Christmas morning.

Officer Singh’s brother broke down this morning during a press conference.

Sheriff Clarke posted about the illegal saying that he was probably heading towards the Southern Border – As it turns out, Clarke was right.

This is so tragic. The murder of Officer Singh should never have happened. Here in California, we see the effects of illegal immigration first-hand, every day. Because of Democrat politicians, we have sanctuary cities everywhere, and at least one city allows illegals to vote in school board elections. We lost Kate Steinle to an illegal immigrant not far from where I live, also. Democrats have the deaths of Officer Singh & Kate on their heads. They are obstructing President Trump’s border wall because they hate him, and Americans are dying because of it. Rest in peace, Officer Singh.

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