Jason Smith says evidence shows Joe Biden ‘connected’ to Hunter’s business deals

Jason Smith
Rep. Jason Smith, R-Mo., chairman of the Ways and Means Committee, speaks to press prior to a closed executive session of the Committee to review evidence submitted by IRS whistleblowers, Wednesday, Sept. 27, 2023, on Capitol Hill in Washington. (AP Photo/Mariam Zuhaib) Mariam Zuhaib/AP

Jason Smith says evidence shows Joe Biden ‘connected’ to Hunter’s business deals

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House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith (R-MO) touted the process and results of the impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden, saying recently released evidence shows the president was “not just aware” but “connected” to his son Hunter Biden’s business deals.

“He was connected through phone calls, through meetings at the White House, through trips on Air Force Two with Hunter Biden and his business associates,” Smith told Sunday Morning Futures the hundreds of pages of documents from the two IRS whistleblowers support. “It’s absolutely unacceptable.”


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The Missouri Republican proceeded to condemn the Justice Department for “the obstruction in any leads that led to the president of the United States.” He also dismissed host Maria Bartiromo’s concern that an impeachment of the president would require help from the Democrat-controlled Senate.

“Maria, this is an impeachment inquiry. We are focused on getting the facts. We issued subpoenas this week of bank records of Hunter Biden, James Biden,” Smith said. “We’ve also asked for numerous Biden officials to come before Congress and answer questions. We need the answers to those questions before we can proceed anywhere.”

On the Fox News program, Smith touched on several other big storylines from the week in Washington. He denounced the House Democrat who pulled the fire alarm during a vote, lauded Congress’s ability to keep the government funded, and said Rep. Matt Gaetz’s threat to vacate Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) speakership is “unacceptable.”


“It’s an absolute waste of time if he brings a motion to vacate. The only way a motion to vacate could be successful is if Matt Gaetz did exactly what he yells at Speaker McCarthy [for] doing, and that’s working with the Democrats. In fact, he’d have to get more than 200 Democrats to join him to remove Kevin McCarthy because more than 200 Republicans are 100% behind Speaker McCarthy,” the House Ways and Means chairman said.

He continued to call Gaetz’s bluff and pointed out a possible ramification of such a decision, saying, “If he does this motion to vacate, Maria, that that will only slow-walk the process of getting to every one of those individual funding bills that he proclaims that he wants to pass. … And let me tell you, if you remove a Republican speaker, that then puts the Democrats empowered; these investigations will be done and stall.”

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