Jim Carrey: Trump Supporters ‘Loyal Zombies’ Waiting On Wall

It never ends with the left in Hollywood. They are so out of touch with what most Americans want (jobs & security) it’s a wonder they still live here.

A few days ago, has-been Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano mocked triple-amputee vet Airman Brian Kolfage for his wildly successful fundraising project for Trump’s border wall, an anti-Trump activist started a GoFundMe campaign titled “Ladders to Get Over Trump’s Wall” with gleeful “celebs” sharing it everywhere, and on Christmas day, actor George Takei who played Lieutenant Sulu on Star Trek, mocked Airman Kolfage & those who support a border wall, even going so far as to suggest they are racists.

True to form, Jim Carrey is joining in on the liberal bashfest of everyday Americans.

Breitbart is reporting:

“Actor Jim Carrey unleashed another one of his bizarre pieces of art, this time attacking the president’s supporters and calling them zombies.

“Remember Trump’s loyal zombies chanting, ‘Build That Fence’ at his rallies???” Carrey tweeted. “Me neither!”

Presumably, the Ace Ventura star was trying to make hay out of the difference between “a wall” and “a fence” in that some of the border barriers currently being proposed are more like a fence than a solid wall.

It is a somewhat meaningless point since Americans who support Trump’s border plans are generally more interested in effective border security whether it will be achieved via a solid wall or a fence.

But facts and truth are not often evident in Carrey’s “art.” A few weeks ago, for instance, he asked special counsel Robert Mueller to deliver indictments against the president for Christmas, something that did not end up happening.

Like horror writer Stephen King, President Trump seems to live in Jim Carrey’s head as the comedian seems to disgorge one attack on Trump after another on a near-daily basis.

Last month, for instance, during an appearance at Vulture Fest, the Canadian-born comedian compared Republicans to rapists, saying, “these are not people you can deal with.”

“You cannot be bipartisan with a criminal,” Carrey added. “A rapist needs to be removed, not negotiated with. These people are raping our system, they’re destroying it right in front of us.””

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I wonder what Carrey would say if he met triple-amputee vet, Airman Brian Kolfage, face to face? Kolfage, the most severely wounded Airman to survive any war, started the GoFundMe campaign to raise money to build the wall so Americans will be safe from criminals crossing our border illegally. Would Carrey call Airman Kolfage a “loyal zombie”? Unfortunately, he probably would.

Airman Kolfage receiving the Purple Heart Medal in Iraq 9/11/2004

Perhaps Carrey hasn’t seen the news out of California where he lives. Earlier on the same day that he posted his “zombies” statement, a 33-year-old police officer who legally migrated to the US was shot & killed by an illegal immigrant. President Trump’s wall could have stopped the illegal from entering, and the officer’s wife & young daughter would still have a husband and father. I wonder if he would call them “loyal zombies” if they wanted the wall? Sadly, Carrey most likely would.

Carrey was one of those on the left who blamed President Trump for the death of a 7-year-old girl who illegally crossed the border with her father. The actor posted this to his Twitter account:

“Now an innocent seven-year-old girl has died of medical neglect because of Trump’s sadism at the border. If there’s a Hell…”

The truth is, the girl’s father didn’t tell Border Patrol agents that she was sick, and they actually saved the little girl’s life, twice, before she eventually succumbed to sepsis.

The left in Hollywood obviously care more about illegal immigrants than American citizens. Americans are being killed by illegals, and has-been actors like Jim Carrey & Alyssa Milano are mocking those who want to keep their families safe. You can’t get any sicker than that.

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