A Lib Sent The Bombs To Influence The Election? Could Be

I woke up today & checked the news. “Explosive devices mailed to Obama, the Clintons, CNN headquarters,” the headlines read.

My initial thought was, “There’s no way a conservative would be so stupid this close to the election.” Of course, there are crazy, angry people out there, so, it’s entirely possible.

My second thought was, “This will work perfectly to the Democrats’ advantage. I bet a lib sent them.”

The problem is, we don’t know who sent the bombs.

Everywhere I look, MSM & Dems are blaming Trump’s rhetoric. It’s too perfect.

Two weeks before a midterm election that both sides desperately want to win, something of this magnitude happens that will motivate Democrats to get to the polls, and possibly sway undecideds to vote Blue.

See, Republicans benefited from violence directed towards them in the runup to the 2016 election. It was largely believed that that spurred more people to vote for Trump.

The Republican Party is using examples of current violence & harassment that members of the House & Senate have experienced to get their base to the polls. A new ad dropped the other day from the RNC.

The GOP is banking on that to maximize turnout.

On the flip side, Democrats really had nothing to motivate their base except for the overall hatred of Trump. That’s not to say they aren’t motivated, they are, very.

But they could use an advantage, something guaranteed to put them over the top in order to take the House.

Sending bombs (that DON’T go off – Notice that?) to Democrat leaders and left-leaning media organizations is definitely something that could do just that. Dems would have the same political weapon that Republicans currently do. The ultimate “Reichstag fire” October surprise. Dems & Fake News MSM will control the narrative with this for weeks.

Alessandra Bocchi, a journalist for First Things Magazine said it perfectly.

Others chimed in, also.


Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire shared the sentiment in a post today:

“In the last two days, a series of crude pipe bombs have been mailed to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, George Soros, Maxine Waters, and CNN. We are meant to immediately assume that a crazed right-winger was behind this absurdly clumsy plot. Twitter has already dubbed the culprit “the MAGA bomber,” despite zero evidence to support the label. Various liberals have, of course, put the blame on President Trump himself.

I think we can pretty well rule out the possibility that Trump sent the bombs. As for the theory — and it is just a theory — that an enraged Republican is responsible, we cannot rule it out. It’s certainly possible that some right-wing nut decided to undermine his own cause by staging this failed attack a few weeks before the election. If that turns out to be the case, I won’t be terribly shocked. Crazy, stupid, violent people exist in this world, on every side of every issue.

But there is another possibility, of course, and it’s a possibility that any rational person can see. It does not take a conspiracy theorist to wonder about the timing and methods in this case. As I said, we are only days from the election. These were rudimentary bombs sent in ludicrously suspicious packaging to high profile Democrats who would obviously have their mail screened. It would take not just an idiot but an idiot of monumental proportions to think that he can literally mail a pipe bomb in an envelope to Obama without the package being intercepted along the way. Not only that, but the bombs were specifically sent to Democrats who, aside from Waters, are no longer in the government. They have no actual political power.

We are left with two possibilities, it seems. Either this was the work of a monumental idiot or it was the work of a more clever sort of person. The clever person would obviously know that these bombs would cause no harm to anyone and certainly wouldn’t kill the people whose names were on the envelopes. They’d also know that an attempted attack of this sort, at this point, could only help the Democrats. We could call this a “false flag” but that term is tainted by insane Sandy Hook and 9/11 conspiracy theorists. The “false flag” possibility in this case is neither insane nor implausible. Especially when you consider the liberal propensity for staging fake hate crimes.

But it is just a possibility. We don’t know the truth yet. We can only say that there is good reason to doubt the narrative taking shape as we speak. The best course is to hold off on making any determinations either way until the culprit is found and apprehended.”

Here’s some of the coverage from CNN. You’ll notice a pattern. They blame Trump.

If I were a die-hard Dem, and I wanted to push my party over the top, I might consider doing something like this. Actually, I personally wouldn’t. I mean, who wants to spend the rest of their life in prison? Maybe a crazy person who doesn’t give a f***.

As a Republican, I would never even give it a second thought, though. This will clearly benefit the Dems. You would have to know that.

At any rate, we have no idea who was behind the mailing of the bombs. It could have been a crazy, pissed-off person, a crazy, pissed-off conservative, or a smart/crazy Dem who would do anything to win.

Whoever was behind this needs to pay the piper, though. Even more so if they did it to influence the outcome of the election.

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