Ramaswamy outlines his ‘crazy’ strategy to ‘lead the nation’

Entrepreneur and Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy said he is running to lead the nation, not the Republican Party, with a strategy most of his opponents would consider crazy.

“I’d say our strategy in this campaign is talk to everyone,” Ramaswamy told MSNBC’s Symone Sanders-Townsend after she asked about his appearance on over 70 podcasts.

“I’m not running to lead a political party. I am running to lead a nation, and, so, I’ve gone to places where people don’t go,” he said.

Sanders-Townsend attempted to push back and tell Ramaswamy that he is “actually” running to be the Republican nominee.

“I’m not,” he corrected her. “I’m running to lead the United States of America, actually.”

Ramaswamy did admit that his drive toward the White House is taking a different path from most Republican campaigns.

“I’m already planning for our ultimate destination, leading a national revival,” he said. “I was going to mention, I’ve been to the south side of Chicago. I’ve gone to Kensington in the middle of Philadelphia.”

“These are places where any Republican politician or consultant would tell you, ‘You’d be crazy to waste time there in the middle of a primary,'” he added.

Ramaswamy doesn’t see it that way, he said.

“Many people might even say that about MSNBC,” Ramaswamy said. “There are other candidates who have said that they

won’t talk to NBC News because NBC News is not nice to Republicans.”

“My view is,” he added, “if I’m not willing to sit across the table from folks like you, I’m not ready to sit across the table from Xi Jinping.”

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