Supreme Court Issues CRITICAL Ruling On Border Crisis

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Biden administration Monday in a disputed lawsuit about the elimination of concertina wire along the Texas-Mexico border. The verdict, approved by a slim majority of 5-4, represented a crucial turning point in the ongoing dispute regarding immigration laws and efforts to ensure border security.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott implemented the installation of concertina wire as a component of a comprehensive effort to reduce unauthorized immigration. The area covered a distance of roughly thirty miles in the vicinity of Eagle Pass. In reaction to the significant increase in illegal aliens during President Biden’s term, the Texas National Guard has deployed concertina wire, a form of barbed wire equipped with razor-like blades.

This action was a component of Governor Abbott’s Operation Lone Star, which encompassed other strategies such as transporting numerous migrants to cities headed by the Democratic Party and apprehending migrants on allegations of trespassing.

The Biden administration contended that the wire obstructed Border Patrol agents in successfully executing their responsibilities, specifically in accessing migrants as they traversed the Rio Grande. Biden’s administration argued that national immigration laws take precedence over Texas’ efforts and considered the wire to be an impediment to federal activities.

“The Supreme Court’s decision, which did not include an explanation from the justices, reflected the complex interplay of federal and state powers. The majority consisted of two conservative justices, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett, alongside the court’s three liberal justices. The dissenting voices were Justices Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch, and Kavanaugh,” Trending Politics News reported.

Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council, criticized Monday’s decision, stating it would “undoubtedly encourage more illegal immigration” and burden Border Patrol agents. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton had previously sued the Biden administration claiming federal agents unlawfully destroyed state property by cutting through the wire.

The Supreme Court’s order effectively lifted a previous ruling by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that had prevented Border Patrol agents from cutting the wire. The concertina wire, which restricted access to parts of the Rio Grande, including a park with a boat ramp used by Border Patrol, had become a symbol of the state’s independent crackdown on illegal immigration.

The attitudes and perspectives of Governor Abbott and President Biden toward border issues have been very divergent. Abbott has expressed disapproval of the administration’s failure with regards to immigration policies. He contends that the practices of the Biden’s government have resulted in a rise in illegal alien and security apprehensions in Texas.

“Governor Abbott has implemented state-level initiatives to address border security. These have included deploying state law enforcement resources to the border, building barriers in certain border areas, and controversial measures such as busing migrants to Washington D.C., Chicago, and other locations outside Texas,” TPN added.

“We’re going to put them on planes, we’re going to put them on trains, we’re going to put them on buses, we’re going to do whatever we can. We’re going to get them out of Texas,” Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said last month. Abbott even enacted legislation permitting state law enforcement officials to detain individuals suspected of unauthorized entry across the U.S.-Mexico border.

The issue remains a significant point of contention between Republican-led states like Texas and the Democratic-led federal government.

Border reporter Jeff Rainforth just spent 7 weeks filming on the border in Lukeville, Arizona.

Border reporter Jeff Rainforth in Lukeville, Arizona

The port of entry there was closed in December, and the situation with illegal aliens had gotten so bad.

On Monday night, Rainforth posted a shocking clip on X from a nearly 6-hour live stream he did one day in Lukeville. In the background are what appear to be a massive number of illegal aliens.


Below is what he is reporting:

“Greetings, patriots. Thank you all for the support, and thanks to the newcomers who saw me on Steve Bannon’s War Room show when I first arrived on the border. I spent 7 weeks documenting the crisis in Lukeville, Arizona, and only came home a few days ago for a quick break over the holidays.”

When Steve Bannon first saw my first videos from Lukeville, he called it “apocalyptic.” And it really did look that way because of the sun going down, dust in the air, endless miles of border wall, and equally endless waves of illegal aliens from all over the world coming down the border road. It is surreal. Seeing it firsthand is unreal.


The video below shows what I saw when I first arrived.

I shot this in Lukesville, AZ, on 10-9-23. My first night there after departing Yuma and Sacramento the night prior.

Border wall flood gates have been welded open, and human smuggling groups are taking advantage. I talked to illegal aliens from Senegal to India.

I filmed a bunch of Syrians who crossed the border illegally. Border Patrol confirmed they were Syrian and told me that a lot of people from the Middle East are coming through after paying cartels to transport them.

Smuggling groups cut the border wall in several places here in Lukeville, Arizona, on October 30. They’ve been cutting the wall almost daily to get people through illegally.

Border agents had to move massive numbers of illegal aliens, many from Syria and Africa, but from India and other countries as well. It was surreal. Like out of an apocalyptic movie.

And that was just the beginning. I overheard agents saying 600 or more were coming and hundreds from another direction. It got worse at the wall near the Lukeville Port of Entry, right by where I camp.

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