VIDEO: 18 Shot, 6 Killed in GANG WAR At CA Capitol – Mayor: Ban Guns?

I visited the crime scene in midtown Sacramento, 7-blocks from me, where 18 people were shot and 6 killed in a gang war, today. The mass gang shootout occurred just 2-blocks from California’s Capitol Building. My crime scene video is at the end of the article after the witness videos of the gang war.

Sacramento’s Mayor, Darrell Steinberg, held a press conference later in the day where he appeared to call for a ban on firearms while “conveniently” ignoring the fact that unarmed, innocent civilians would be helpless against criminals and gangs who would continue to obtain guns illegally and use them at will.

The shooting began around 2 am on Saturday. There were multiple fights in the area as bars were letting out, and witness videos have what sounds like automatic weapons fire coming from the vicinity.

In the videos, people can be seen fleeing the scene in a panic, trying to stay alive as round after round goes off.

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One Twitter user posted a video from an unknown source of the sheer panic of the crowd as gunfire appears to come from everywhere.

Another video posted to Twitter shows what appears to be a person who sadly succumbed to their injuries.

Yet another video shows the amount of sheer panic from people who just wanted to live.

Disturbing footage shows police trying to keep victims alive with chest compressions.

One video shows how close to the CA Capitol Building the gang war was.

Sacramento’s mayor, Darrell Steinberg appears to call for a ban on guns during a press conference after the senseless gang shooting 2 blocks from the CA Capitol.

The L.A. Times is reporting that authorities believe the slaughter was gang-related:

A motive for the violence was unclear. Law enforcement sources told The Times that the shooting involved gang members and associates.

Police Chief Katherine Lester said the shooting occurred around 2 a.m. after a large fight broke out in a popular entertainment district. She said officers heard gunfire and arrived at the scene at 10th and K streets, roughly two blocks northwest of the state Capitol, where they found multiple shooting victims.

Authorities offered few details as to what happened except to say that just after 2 a.m. an unidentified person in a car drove up 10th Street and unleashed a sustained barrage of bullets into a crowd of people before fleeing.

A second person also fired a gun, although it was not yet clear whether that person was also in the car or in the crowd. Authorities said cameras in the downtown area captured footage of a portion of the shooting.

“This is a really complex and complicated scene,” Lester said. “And there is a process and what we want to do is make sure that this investigation is completed thoroughly and accurately. because we do want to see the perpetrators of this crime brought to justice.”

Police confirmed a stolen handgun was recovered from the scene. However, authorities suspect at least two different weapons were fired, according to a law enforcement source.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg said, “This morning our city has a broken heart. This is a senseless and unacceptable tragedy.

“Thoughts and prayers aren’t nearly enough,” Steinberg added. “We must do more as a city, as a state and as a nation. This senseless epidemic of gun violence must be addressed. How many unending tragedies does it take before we begin to cure the sickness in this country? Let us be honest, this is a sickness.”

When I filmed the crime scene in the afternoon, I witnessed a man yelling that ‘there won’t be peace,’ as he attempted to turn the gang war shooting into a race issue. A woman can be heard in a separate conversation saying that it had nothing to do with race.

I also filmed a witness who was there during the shooting saying that he thinks one gunner had a “drum” for a magazine. He went on to explain that a woman bled out after being shot in the leg. He said that there appeared to be two groups shooting, and the weapons fire sounded like it was from an “automatic.”


Police still have about 5 blocks shutdown as they collect evidence. A local news reporter stated that 6 bodies are still on the ground at the time of this writing.

A local CBS reporter interviewed a woman who spoke to a man who was killed in the shootout. The reporter noted in her tweet that CBS would have more coverage after they finished with the Grammies.

The mass shooting, and gang war battle comes as California, where Democrats have 100% control in the legislature, and the governorship, grapple with skyrocketing crime, homelessness, and gas & food prices.

If California’s politicians move to restrict gun ownership even more than they have already, they may face a heavier backlash than they anticipate. Citizens in this state are already warming to easing restrictions regarding open and concealed carry as crime soared during the pandemic lockdowns and as the state pushed to defund police departments.

If California continues down the path of being soft on criminals and infringing on the 2nd Amendment rights of those who live here, this gang war shooting may become the norm in every major city that is run by Democrats. Basically, there will be anarchy. Which strangely, many on the left want.

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