BREAKING: Washington Man Arrested For Allegedly Starting Fire – Live-Streamed On Facebook – WATCH

Everyone has been saying that there are so many fires on the West Coast that someone must be setting them intentionally. Now a person has been caught in the act (allegedly).

KIRO News 7 is reporting:

“Puyallup police and state troopers arrested a 36-year-old Puyallup man Wednesday for allegedly starting a large brushfire which temporarily shut down state Route 167 and several ramps near Meridian Avenue.

A man with the exact same name as the one police arrested recorded a Facebook live of that fire saying he reported it to first responders.

Puyallup police told KIRO7 News they were made aware of the Facebook live — which showed his interaction with officers — after the arrest.

“I’m out here on 167 right now,” the man said in the live stream. ” Looks like a fire literally just started and I just rolled up on it and it looks like it’s going crazy. I’m here with the police and they’re talking to me about it because I just called it in.”

A Twitter user commented about a live video that was posted on Facebook.

A quick search of Facebook revealed this live video posted by a man named Jeff Acord. I called the Puyallup Police Department to confirm that this was the same man who was arrested but I was routed to a wrong extension. The words on the video match what was said by the man in the KIRO 7 report.


Posted by Jeff Demologik Acord on Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Fox News also reported:

“A man in Washington state was arrested Wednesday after he was caught setting a fire in the brush along a highway, according to officials.

Trooper Ryan Burke with the Washington State Patrol said on Twitter that the 36-year-old was caught in the median of State Route 167 in Puyallup, located just outside of Tacoma.

The man was quickly arrested and taken to jail, according to Burke.

A photo from the scene shows dry grass burning in the median of the road.

A man was arrested in Puyallup, Wash. on Wednesday after he was caught setting a fire in the median of a state highway. (Washington State Patrol Trooper Ryan Burke)

“Joint team effort!!” Burke tweeted.

Troopers told Q13 FOX the man from Puyallup told them he was looking for a camera.

The fire started to spread and Puyallup Police were forced to close the northbound ramp on the highway, Q13 reported.

No further details have been released, but the suspect was taken to jail.”

Many Twitter users commented that whoever is caught setting fires should be charged with terrorism.

KIRO 7 also reported on another fire that was intentionally set:

“In Graham, a person was seen intentionally setting fire to a field in front of a business in the 10400 block of 229th St E. early Wednesday morning.

“This was one hundred percent intentional, there is zero doubt,” Said Jonas Pettit, the owner of Vac Tech Septic and Water.

Surveillance shows the suspect drive up, dumping gasoline and a match, setting fire to dry grass next to the business.

Pierce County detectives have the video–which doesn’t show the suspect or the vehicle–but Pettit says it does shows a random act of potential devastation.

“You watch the flame and then where he flips it, and it just boom! Big ball of flame,” he said.

Firefighters and a lack of wind kept the flames from destroying their business only a few yards beyond the burn.

“If the wind would’ve been blowing like it was the other night, you wouldn’t have stopped this, it would have added onto the other fire in Graham,” Pettit said.

The area is only a couple of miles from the Graham fire which destroyed eight homes.”

If this man is found guilty of starting the fire intentionally then he should be charged with terrorism.

Now how many other fires were started on purpose by scumbag criminals? Probably a lot.

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