‘Watch out for young people!’: Bill Nye encourages young voters to ask candidates about climate change

Celebrity Bill Nye has encouraged younger voters to ask 2024 presidential candidates what they will do about climate change.

Nye, who has warned about global warming in the past, made the statement ahead of the presidential debate the Republican National Committee is hosting on Wednesday night. On Monday, Nye discussed recent weather events in the United States, including tropical storm Hilary and the incredibly hot recent summer, and how it will “probably” get worse in the future.

“So what I’m, what I would like you all to do, as hard-hitting investigating reporters at the place for politics, is get somebody, probably a young person, during this debate this week to ask any of these guys and gal running for president what they’re going to do about climate change,” Nye told MSNBC.

Nye also encouraged people to vote in elections, as doing so can help combat climate, as the perception of recycling newspapers and other items is “not the case.” Nye added that the younger generation of voters will demand change on climate change policies and compared it to the anti-war movement that took place during the Vietnam War.

“Watch out for young people!” Nye said. “They’re going to demand change. They’re going to demand climate change. It reminds me of a certain age of the Vietnam War, where people just, ‘We’ve had enough. We’re going to demonstrate.’ You watch out. Young people are going to demand change.”

Nye’s comments come just days ahead of the first GOP presidential debate. Out of the several Republican candidates who are attending Wednesday night’s debate, former President Donald Trump, considered to be the lead candidate in the Republican primary, has stated he will not partake in the debate. Trump cited a recent CBS News poll that gives him his biggest lead to date ahead of his flailing opponents in the 2024 Republican primary race.

The debate will be held on Wednesday at 9 p.m. and will be moderated by Fox News.

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