Man Crosses Border Illegally – Says He’s An American – WATCH

An illegal alien I encountered who had just come in through a cut in the border wall near Lukeville, Arizona, told me that he was American when I asked where he was from.

It was the first time I’d ever heard an illegal alien say that.

His answer caught me totally off guard. I never expected that. I thought maybe he’s a human smuggler, but that doesn’t make sense either.

He could’ve just escorted the other illegal aliens (who looked like they were from overseas) through the cut in the wall, and then gone back into the U.S. via the port of entry not far away.

The port was still open when this occurred.

The conservative activist who goes by the name Amuse responded to the video, posting:

“If he ditched his ID he can assume a new identity and shed whatever issue he’s running from.”

X user OneVeryAng73156 posted:

“Is that a Southern Mexican Twang I hear?🤣
He be a CARTEL lacky…”

CaliBrat10 responded:

“Did he figure out a way to get on that gravy train that’s handing out $1.6 billion funded, in large part, by US taxpayers namely “Cash and Voucher Assistance (CVA),” and “Multipurpose Cash Assistance (MCA)?”

And user 1776Godwins posted:

Other X users commented that we live in the Americas, north, central, and south. So, technically, the illegal alien was correct. Others remarked that we need to start referring to ourselves as citizens of the United States of America.

I spent 7 weeks documenting the crisis in Lukeville, Arizona.

Lots more truth that MSM won’t show you to come.

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