BOOM! Internet Sleuths Identify Cyclist Who Set Fire To Trump Sign

You know someone is suffering from extreme TDS if they’re riding around on a racing bicycle and lighting political signs on fire.

That’s what a “man” did in Raleigh, NC. BUT, some pretty astute internet sleuths found out who the guy was by checking his GPS coordinates.


This Week In The Triangle initally reported:

Video captured this week shows an anti-Trump arsonist-on-two-wheels with a lighter setting a “Trump Won” sign on fire at a Raleigh residence. After the cyclist to returned three days later to once again send his political speech up in smoke, the sign’s owner, John Kane, published the video along with a cash offer for information leading to the identification of the arsonist.


As the video shows, the arsonist first tried to damage the sign one week ago at 7:14 am on Saturday, August 12th by stopping to kick it repeatedly before riding away on his bicycle. When that attempted vandalism was unsuccessful, the arsonist returned three days later on the 15th at 4:19 am and set the flag on fire. After Kane replaced the flag, the same cyclist to return at nearly the same time on the 18th to set the exact same fire a second time.

This wasn’t the first time Kane’s sign had been targeted; Kane told This Week in the Triangle that someone had vandalized his sign and mailbox with spray paint in these prior incident, one of which Kane had shared a video of in March. Kane is not sure whether this is the same individual responsible for setting his signs ablaze: “I don’t have good enough video footage of the people who sprayed painted to be able to verify if it was this fellow or other folks. I’m pretty confident that whoever spray painted it was the same person, because he did it with the same spray paint colors.”

Kane also told us that he had already filed police reports for the arson, as well as for at least one of the times his property was vandalized with spray paint. Kane has also expressed his intent to bring a civil lawsuit against the arsonist (once identified), already retaining the services of James R. Lawrence III of Envisage Law.

Kane expressed his belief this type of vandalism was suppressing the political speech of like-minded citizens in his neighborhood:

“To me it is an overt effort to just suppress people’s right to free speech and political speech, which is one of the most important aspects or types of speech…I think it’s very intentional”

However, Kane’s experience with expressing his political speech on his property has not been all negative:

“I’ve had more than one neighbor, folks that I did not even know, that just live in our neighborhood, bring me or just throw [a sign] on the doorstep; they bought a sign that’s identical to mine, because they saw it be vandalized and wanted it replaced.”

“I had a sign up before the 2020 election and I had multiple handwritten notes from people saying how much they appreciated the sign, that they would like to have one up but just couldn’t for whatever the reason was.”

Since Kane shared the video on Friday it has been seen millions of times. In addition to Kane’s initial promise of $1000 for the identification of the arsonist, several users of the X app (formerly known as Twitter) have pledged their own money, for a current reward total of over $11,000:

Tim Pool: $5,000

Benny Johnson: $5,000

iVoteAmerica: $500 (contingent on the conviction and sentencing of the arsonist)

The video Kane shared of the arsonist contains several identifying features, including his face, his bicycle, and unique tattoos on both his inner forearms. The bicycle used has been suggested to be a Salsa Warbird, which is manufactured at an MSRP of $7,699.

And here’s how the internet sleuths got the TDS arsonist. This Week In The Triangle continued with an update on the situation:

What do a Russian submarine commander, personnel at secret US military bases, and a Raleigh anti-Trump arsonist have in common? They all shared a little too much data on the popular app Strava, which allows users to share GPS logs of their running or cycling routes.


In this case, an individual from California was able claim the reward for identifying the cyclist who set fire to a “Trump Won” sign at a Raleigh home, as the arsonist uploaded his rides from the three days he had been caught on video kicking and setting the sign on fire:

James “Jim” White Jr, a registered Democrat, uploaded three bicycle rides to his Strava account which he had taken on August 12th, August 15th, and August 18th, the three dates that the arsonist was caught on video vandalizing the Trump sign. The GPS data White uploaded for these rides showed that he had passed by the location of the arson:

Strava APP screenshots

Internet sleuths were able to follow this up by finding images of White matching the distinctive arm tattoos, helmet, and bicycle that was captured in the video of the arsonist.

John Kane, the sign’s owner, issued a statement on X (the app formerly known as Twitter) regarding the identification:

A gentleman from Lodi, California who does not want his name made public first identified the arsonist, Jim White, emailing @jlawrencenc at 1:52am with Jim’s @Strava profile and gps, timestamped maps of Jim’s rides that correspond with the time stamps on the videos.

I sent him $1,000 as promised a few minutes ago and will be sharing his information with @Timcast and @bennyjohnson so that they can do the same. I am truly grateful to each of you for lending your audience and money to catching this arsonist.

I have been asked, why put up a sign that is effectively putting a target on your back for the radical leftists. The answer is embodied in an Alexandr Solzhenitsyn quote: “The simple step of a courageous individual is not to take part in the lie.”

@realDonaldTrump won in 2020. @JoeBiden did not get 81M votes. Staying silent to this fact is a choice. It’s a choice with catastrophic repercussions, turning again to Solzhenitsyn: “In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.”

Since Kane announced that White had been named as the arsonist, White’s Strava account was set to private.

Kane also told This Week in the Triangle that the evidence had been passed along to the police who had been assigned to investigate the police reports he had already filed in regards to the arson incidents.

Excellent job catching the arsonist! Now charges need to be brought against this dangerous individual and make a point that political violence will not be tolerated. They arrested the J-6ers, so this guy needs to be arrested!

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