I Forgot A Camera On The Border, What It Filmed Was SHOCKING – WATCH

During my 7 weeks camped out on the border in Lukeville, Arizona, I forgot a camera that I had set up on a tripod on the border road at the main pickup point for illegal aliens next to the border wall.

I was live streaming with my phone with colleague Nephi Tyler and became distracted, forgetting that I had a camera turned on and recording when I left the area.

Tyler and I drove back around the mountain to a Border Patrol tent facility where illegal aliens are searched and photographed (to check against a database?) before being transported to either the port of entry, or a CBP station in Ajo or Tucson, AZ.

Border Patrol tent facility near the Lukeville port of entry – Photo by Jeff Rainforth

The forgotten prosumer camcorder was filming as hundreds of illegal aliens passed by it.

When I realized I had forgotten the expensive piece of equipment, Tyler and I were thinking that someone probably stole it.

I had to race back around the mountain to get it. This is 2 hours of insane video in 4 minutes. At the end I was so stoked that it was still there. You can hear me on the video.

Someone asked me why no one stole it. When I arrived to get the camera, illegal aliens were walking by it looking at it.

I believe they thought it was a Border Patrol camera and didn’t take it because they figured they would get in trouble.


Here is the livestream I was doing. In the beginning you hear me announce I have to race and get the camera. At 22:00 you can hear me exuberantly exclaiming to Tyler that I found it.

During the 7 weeks I spent camped there, sleeping in my Jeep literally in the middle of it all, the situation deteriorated even further until the port of entry was eventually closed. Check these insane videos out.

“A crowd of illegal aliens just walked by my Jeep where I camp and work at the now-shut down Lukeville, AZ Port of Entry. About 5-600 crossed through since last night. Border wall was cut near here. Will be at the wall and tent camp later,” I posted on X at the time.

“Apocalyptia: Fires on the border in Lukeville, Arizona last night. Mostly men from countries in Africa. Fires have been standard the 6 weeks I’ve been here. This is part of a national park.”

“Good morning from the border in Lukeville, Arizona. I put a camera up high last night so you can get a better picture of what it’s been like here for weeks. Saw the first national news outlet since I arrived here 6 weeks ago. @FoxNews got here last night. @CNN will never. I have hundreds of hours of insane footage if they ever want buy it, though.”

If you’re concerned about what’s happening to our country, please share this everywhere. I’ll be back on the border soon.

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