WATCH: New Documentary: Communists Slowly Taking Over USA

A new documentary on how communists are slowly taking over in America was just released and it’s free to watch on Rumble.

Legendary cameraman & designer Don Thompson of America’s Voice News created the documentary and interviewed influential people from Navy admirals to the former top advisor to President Trump, Steve Bannon.

I got to know Thompson after working with him on the March for Trump bus tour where I was contracted as the videographer. We worked together on the border last year filming cartel drug & human smuggling, also.

Don Thompson (L) with Ben Bergquam on the border in December 2021. Photo by Jeff Rainforth

Part one of the doc is called the “100-Hour Invasion.” It’s a 12-minute segment that discusses Operation Desert Storm and is an example of the rules of war.

Part two is called the “100-year Invasion” and is in three 12-minute segments. The segments have testimony from Russians, Ukrainians, Cubans, Chinese, Vietnamese, Romanians Venezuelans. All of them are now US citizens except one from Venezuela who is applying for political asylum at this time.

The overarching theme of the movie is how the Art of War, specifically the rules of war applies in the “100-year invasion” of communism into the USA.

From Thompson:

The “how to cook a frog” analogy is applicable to where we are in this country today! At the end of the movie I want the viewer to say “oh shit! This movie is exactly right. We are the frog!!! We must take action action action and get out of this pot before we are cooked!!

Thompson did scenery and design for The Commodores and KC and the Sunshine Band.

He designed the Commodores logo that flew above the band when they were on stage.

Don Thompson designed the logo that was used above the Commodores on stage

The documentary maker was also a lighting technician with legendary musicians and bands such as Al Green, Journey, and the Nitty-Gritty Dirt Band. He was also a stage manager at the Roxy in Memphis, Tennessee.

WATCH THE NEW DOCUMENTARY: HOW TO COOK A FROG – A warning to America from Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, and Vietnam, “Wake up America, communism is at your doorstep!”

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