WATCH: Excited Dog Greets U.S. Marine Returning Home From Deployment

We love these stories! It’s always great to see our four-legged friends welcoming their soldier-owners home from deployment.

ABC 11 reports:

“A golden retriever could not contain his excitement when his “dad” returned home after a four-month military deployment.

Maggie Waits had her camera rolling when her husband Micah returned to their Jacksonville, North Carolina, home.

She was undoubtedly excited to see her husband, but she may not have been the most excited member of the family.

Their dog Odin could not contain himself. He jumped all over Micah, wagging his tail and erupting with happiness at the return of his dog dad.”


There’s no shortage of these feel-good stories with ecstatic dogs showing love to their owners who return home after serving our country.

Dogtime reports:

“Casandra Cabrera feared her pooch, Miss May, wouldn’t remember her after such a long deployment.

But this sweet pup showed up to the airport in a patriotic bandanna to shower her mama with kisses when she returned. So sweet!

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Oshie the Golden Retriever has been waiting patiently for his soldier mom to return from Norway.

As she walks through the door, the sweet pup absolutely loses it with excitement! What a great reunion!

The moment Amanda walks in the door and returns home after being away for six months, her pup, Daisy, gives her the best welcome.

The sweet dog’s joyful barks and licks to the face are enough to bring tears to our eyes!

Calla and Wrigley are just chilling on the couch at doggy daycare when they get the best surprise.

Their mom, who’s been in Afghanistan for almost six months, walks through the door. With a bark, the pups run to mom and practically knock her over with their love! It’s such a happy reunion!”

And who can forget the viral video of “Chuck” the Boxer welcoming home his soldier-dad after a long deployment.

All those serving & our great veterans deserve this kind of love from our furry canine friends.

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