BREAKING: Facebook BLOCKED Me From My OWN News Page I Used To Report From Riots & The Border With

Hey, everyone. Facebook has blocked me from posting on my own news page that bears my name. I was given no reason, and I followed all of Facebook’s rules to a T. I was providing pro-Trump coverage of the election when I was blocked from posting on my news page. I was extremely careful to never share “fake” news or spread unsubstantiated rumors in my reporting.

Reporting on border wall construction in New Mexico

I provided objective news as I live-streamed from the US/Mexico border, documented border wall construction, reported from riots in various cities such as Portland, reported live from the Hong Kong protests where they were fighting for freedom against the Chinese Communist Party, and provided on the ground coverage from seven countries documenting their counter-terrorism efforts on their borders.


I’ve reported live from some of the most dangerous places in the world, such as on Israel’s border with Palestine after rockets from the Gaza Strip had flown in. Facebook has now restricted me from reaching my audience with live news like that.

Yesterday I covered the massive “Stop the Steal” MAGA rally here in Sacramento where violence broke out after BLM & leftists showed up. Since Facebook is restricting my ability to reach almost 10,000 readers on my page, my website is the only way to share videos & news from the event.

I’ve been saying that independent, conservative reporters need alternative ways to communicate in case Big Tech fully censors us for awhile. And now it’s happening & probably will get worse. Independent journalists like myself rely on platforms like Facebook to get our work out to our audiences in order to earn a living and when they shut you down, it makes that very difficult.


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4. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. I’ll be posting more videos from my coverage of events there.

5. Follow my personal Facebook page. People are still seeing posts from me there.

6. Share the hell out of this article. The more people that see what Big Tech companies like Facebook are doing to censor independent journalists, the better.

You can still like my news page HERE. I may be able to get it back. Someone told me that my personal page (different from my news page) is on a 30-day ban. Once that is over, I may be able to post to my news page again, but we’ll see.

Below are a few screenshots from my Facebook news page. You can see my videos from the border, riots, and from around the world reached a lot of people. Now Facebook is blocking me from reaching them.

My coverage of the Portland riots, the Hong Kong protests, and my worldwide border wall tour
My Hong Kong & border wall coverage on my Facebook page

I’m still able to share some videos of my work that I posted on my news page, but Facebook has blocked some from being embedded on websites for no reason.

This is a video I shot during the construction of a border wall on private property last year.

Here’s a video from my two weeks covering the riots in Portland.

Now that Facebook has blocked me from reaching my audience, I have to find alternate methods to get my work out in order to continue earning a living as an independent journalist.

I was filming on Israel’s border with Gaza in November of 2019. Rockets flew in where I was several hours prior to this picture being taken

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Reporting from the Hong Kong protests for freedom
Reporting on Spain’s border defenses from its territory in North Africa
Reporting from Hungary’s 100-mile electrified border fence where ISIS terrorists were coming through with Muslim migrants
Reporting from Israel’s border with Palestine
Reporting from the Great Wall of China right before the pandemic began. I was filming for a border wall & counter-terrorism documentary
Reporting from Thailand’s border with the Islamic state of Malaysia where terrorist attacks were taking place
Reporting from Old Jerusalem at the Wailing Wall
Reporting from a border wall on the Rio Grande River in Mission, Texas
Reporting from a border wall construction site in NM


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Jeff Rainforth is a freelance photographer & news editor covering events on the US/Mexico border, and riots & unrest in Democrat-run cities.
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