High School Choir Sings National Anthem At Packed Restaurant & Get An Amazing Response

Just in time for Veterans Day.

An Arkansas high school choir sang the anthem at a packed restaurant a few days ago & got a response they probably wouldn’t get everywhere.

Everyone in the restaurant stopped eating and rose to their feet.

I Googled the choir (Mena High School Spotlight choir), and only a few news outlets ran a story about what happened. Fox, Yahoo, and Inside Edition covered it, but there was nothing on CNN. Maybe it doesn’t fit their narrative.

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But enough about fake news CNN. The real story is the kids in the choir and patriotic Americans who still respect our flag, country, anthem, and veterans.

Via Fox News:

“A high school from Mena, Ark., received a standing ovation after serenading a cafe on Saturday.

The Skyline Cafe was packed Saturday morning with hungry diners ready for breakfast. However, once Mena High School Spotlight choir started to sing, everyone started to put down their forks and rise to their feet.

In the Facebook video, which has been viewed over 14,000 times, the choir can be heard singing as diners stand and turn toward them.

“The world stops spinning just a minute!” the caption to the video read.

The video was received well on social media, where people left hundreds of comments praising the choir.

“I’m a Navy Veteran from Mena and it makes me really happy to know skyline cafe hasn’t changed. I love this video. Thanks for sharing!” one wrote on Facebook.

“How cool,” another wrote.

“Beautiful,” several people echoed.

The choir went on to sing several songs after the anthem — all reportedly met with the same positive response.”

Yahoo News reported:

“The Skyline Cafe was packed with customers when the Mena High School Spotlight choir started to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner.” A video posted by Shannon Clifford on Facebook shows that all of the customers stood in unison and sang together. Clifford wrote that even the people on the waiting list at the restaurant joined in. The video has since gone viral, with nearly 1,000 shares and 54,000 views.

The comments on the Facebook video speak volumes about how much the event meant, not only to the patrons but also to those who viewed it online.

“As a Veteran, this means so much to me!” James Wasson wrote. “What a lift for our patriotic spirit! God bless you for sharing,” Barbara Forest wrote. Anginette Echols, a Navy veteran, wrote, “It makes me really happy to know skyline cafe hasn’t changed. I love this video. Thanks for sharing!”

Several wrote about how proud they are to be from the small town. Residents of small towns, like Mena, often support the young people who are growing up in their community, but it’s heartwarming to see them join together as the national anthem is sung.”

Here’s the video:

When you’re in small town Mena, AR and the local concert choir sings the national anthem in the middle of a packed #SkylineCafe…the world stops spinning for just a minute! I immediately heard forks get set down and every,single person rose to their feet nearly in unison. UNITED WE STAND. Our waiting list also stood and sang. The end gave me goosebumps! Feel free to share if this touched your heart! #America #HomeOfTheBrave

Posted by Shannon Clifford on Saturday, November 3, 2018

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