Libs Say Trump Admin Tear Gassing Violent Migrants ‘Terrorism,’ Forgot About This Though

We all saw the mass invasion force attempting to breach the border yesterday. Migrants clashed with Mexican authorities, threw rocks & projectiles at U.S. Border Patrol, and attempted to get through border fences.

Border agents responded to the violence by using tear gas on the criminal agitators.

Fox reported:

“U.S. border agents shot several rounds of tear gas after some migrants attempted to penetrate various points along the border and threw what appeared to be rocks at U.S. authorities.”

It was super humane. No one died & everyone went back to the Mexican side of the border where they get free food.

Of course, liberals were all up in arms about the use of tear gas on “peaceful” migrants and they started complaining about how Trump is a big meany, etc.

Here are some of the responses on social media.

Feminist activist Amy Siskind said Trump was breaking the law. He didn’t.

Rihanna called the Border Patrol firing tear gas at migrants ‘Terrorism.’

Jonathan Van Ness of Netflix’s series, Queer Eye said it was an attack on “children & families”

Qasim Rashid lumped President Trump in with dictators.

Dem Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was horrified.

The problem with all the outrage from Dems is, it happened under Obama’s watch, also.

Via Fox News:

“Democrats are expressing outrage that U.S. border agents on Sunday shot rounds of tear gas at caravan migrants who threw rocks at law enforcement while trying to breach the U.S.-Mexico border. But critics hammering the Trump administration are glossing over a similar episode that occurred under then-President Barack Obama.

In 2013, during the Obama administration, Border Patrol agents reportedly used pepper spray to fend off a group of approximately 100 migrants who attempted to rush the same San Ysidro port of entry.

A San Diego Union-Tribune article at the time said agents fired “pepper balls” and used other “intermediate use-of-force devices” to repel the crowd. The migrants in that confrontation also reportedly threw rocks and bottles at U.S. authorities.

But with the national spotlight on Sunday’s caravan clash at San Ysidro, Democrats are lashing out at the Trump administration.

Ben Rhodes, the former Obama administration adviser, tweeted: “It’s wrong to gas women and children and the elderly. That shouldn’t be a partisan view nor should that be uncomfortable to ‘the men and women in duty.’”

Rhodes, in particular, faced online pushback over his comments from conservatives, who referenced the 2013 episode during the Obama years.

“Ben Rhodes was part of an administration that did the very same exact thing,” conservative commentator Stephen Miller said.

The Trump administration, meanwhile, defended the response on Sunday. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement some migrants “attempted to breach legacy fence infrastructure along the border and sought to harm [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] personnel by throwing projectiles at them.”

The criticism from Democrats follows other examples of liberals blasting Trump for things that also happened in prior administrations, including sending troops to the border, as Obama did in 2010.

In May, liberal activists and journalists also incorrectly shared pictures of children sleeping in enclosed cages from 2014 to take a swipe at the Trump administration and its zero-tolerance policy toward parents and children crossing the border illegally. Those photos were taken during the Obama administration.”

Benny Johnson had the best response.

In short, according to Dems, if Obama did it, it was OK, if Trump does it, he’s literally Satan.

Can’t make this stuff up.

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