List Of Twitter Accounts Of GOP Reps Not Supporting Hres620 To Free Sgt. Tahmooressi


By Jeff Rainforth
List compiled on 10-6-14

I’ve compiled several of these lists in the past, including Twitter accounts of members of the House of Representatives who didn’t support a Benghazi select committee, and accounts of Senators who didn’t oppose the UN’s Law of the Sea Treaty. It seemed apropos to compile a list of representatives who haven’t cosponsored H.Res.620 as Sgt. Tahmooressi has been languishing in Mexican prisons for over 6 months for merely making a wrong turn.

House Resolution 620 (aka H.Res.620) states: “Expressing the sense of the House of Representatives that the Government of Mexico should immediately release United States Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi and provide for his swift return to the United States so Sgt. Tahmooressi can receive the appropriate medical assistance for his medical condition.”

Below is a clickable list of Twitter accounts of GOP reps who have not cosponsored the resolution. I compiled a list of GOP reps who haven’t cosponsored because there were so few Democrats, it would’ve taken several more days to complete. As time allows, I may compile a list of Dem reps who haven’t cosponsored the resolution.

In the meantime, if you’d like to contact your Dem rep and ask them to cosponsor H.Res.620, check to see if they haven’t already HERE, then look up your representative HERE.

Below is the list of Twitter accounts of GOP reps who have NOT cosponsored H.Res.620. Tweet them. Ask them to support the resolution so Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi can be back home with his family.

The list is in alphabetical order, last name first. If the representative doesn’t use Twitter, their Facebook account is listed.

10-25-14 Update: Rep Mark Amodei from NV02 tweeted he will support H.Res.620 when Congress is back in session in November. Tell him thanks!


List of Twitter accounts of GOP reps who have NOT cosponsored H.Res.620

Amash Justin MI03
Bachmann Michele MN06
Bachus Spencer AL06
Barletta Lou PA11
Barr Andy KY06
Barton Joe TX06
Benishek Dan MI01
Bentivolio Kerry MI11
Black Diane TN06
Blackburn Marsha TN07
Boehner John OH08
Bridenstine Jim OK01
Brooks Susan IN05
Buchanan Vern FL16
Bucshon Larry IN08
Camp Dave MI04
Campbell John CA45
Capito Shelley WV02
Carter John TX31
Cassidy Bill LA06
Chabot Steve OH01
Chaffetz Jason UT03
Coble Howard NC06
Coffman Mike CO06
Collins Chris NY27
Conaway Mike TX11
Cotton Tom AR04
Crenshaw Ander FL04
Culberson John TX07
Daines Steve MT00
Denham Jeff CA10
Dent Charles PA15
Ellmers Renee NC02
Fleischmann Charles TN03
Fleming John LA04
Flores Bill TX17
Forbes Randy VA04
Fortenberry Jeff NE01
Foxx Virginia NC05
Franks Trent AZ08
Frelinghuysen Rodney NJ11
Gardner Cory CO04
Garrett Scott NJ05
Gerlach Jim PA06
Gibbs Bob OH07
Gibson Christopher NY19
Gingrey Phil GA11
Goodlatte Bob VA06
Gosar Paul AZ04
Granger Kay TX12
Graves Sam MO06
Graves Tom GA14
Griffin Tim AR02
Griffith Morgan VA09
Guthrie Brett KY02
Hall Ralph TX04
Hanna Richard NY22
Harper Gregg MS03
Harris Andy MD01
Hartzler Vicky MO04
Hastings Doc WA04
Hensarling Jeb TX05
Herrera Beutler Jaime WA03
Holding George NC13
Huizenga Bill MI02
Hultgren Randy IL14
Hurt Robert VA05
Issa Darrell CA49
Johnson Sam TX03
Jordan Jim OH04
Joyce David OH14
Kelly Mike PA03
King Peter NY02
King Steve IA04
Kingston Jack GA01
Kinzinger Adam IL16
Kline John MN02
Lamborn Doug CO05
Lankford James OK05
Latham Tom IA03
Latta Robert OH05
Long Billy MO07
Lucas Frank OK03
Luetkemeyer Blaine MO03
Massie Thomas KY04
McCarthy Kevin CA23
McCaul Michael TX10
McClintock Tom CA04
McHenry Patrick NC10
McKeon Howard CA25
McKinley David WV01
McMorris Rodgers Cathy WA05
Meehan Patrick PA07
Mica John FL07
Miller Candice MI10
Miller Gary CA31
Miller Jeff FL01
Mullin Markwayne OK02
Mulvaney Mick SC05
Murphy Tim PA18
Neugebauer Randy TX19
Nugent Richard FL11
Nunes Devin CA22
Palazzo Steven MS04
Paulsen Erik MN03
Pearce Stevan NM02
Petri Thomas WI06
Pittenger Robert NC09
Pitts Joseph PA16
Poe Ted TX02
Posey Bill FL08
Price Tom GA06
Reed Tom NY23
Reichert David WA08
Renacci James OH16
Ribble Reid WI08
Rice Tom SC07
Rigell E. VA02
Roe David TN01
Rogers Harold KY05
Rogers Mike AL03
Rogers Mike MI08
Rokita Todd IN04
Rooney Thomas FL17
Ross Dennis FL15
Rothfus Keith PA12
Runyan Jon NJ03
Ryan Paul WI01
Sanford Mark SC01
Scalise Steve LA01
Schweikert David AZ06
Scott Austin GA08
Sensenbrenner F. Jr. WI05
Sessions Pete TX32
Shimkus John IL15
Shuster Bill PA09
Simpson Michael ID02
Smith Jason MO08
Smith Lamar TX21
Stewart Chris UT02
Stivers Steve OH15
Stutzman Marlin IN03
Thornberry Mac TX13
Tiberi Patrick OH12
Tipton Scott CO03
Turner Michael OH10
Upton Fred MI06
Valadao David CA21
Wagner Ann MO02
Walberg Tim MI07
Walden Greg OR02
Walorski Jackie IN02
Wenstrup Brad OH02
Westmoreland Lynn GA03
Whitfield Ed KY01
Williams Roger TX25
Wilson Joe SC02
Wittman Robert VA01
Wolf Frank VA10
Womack Steve AR03
Woodall Rob GA07
Yoho Ted FL03
Young Don AK00
Young Todd IN09

The official Tahmooressi website (run by his family) is at


List compiled by Jeff Rainforth, aka iResistAll on Twitter (Rainforth’s Roughnecks on Facebook).

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