Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Just Gave Migrants Sage Advice & It’s Hilarious

Rob O’Neill, the former Navy SEAL who killed Bin Laden, waded into the migrant caravan debate today with some advice that most would consider common sense. Most, not all, of course.

While the left has been screaming about the use of tear gas on the migrants who attempted to violently breach the border (Which it turns out the Obama administration did plenty), others like O’Neill have a more sane approach.

Don’t bring your kids.

O’Neill tweeted earlier:

“A good rule for parenting: Don’t bum-rush the border of a sovereign nation with your toddlers.”

While it’s never a good idea to attack another country’s law enforcement officials while you try to illegally cross its border, it’s an even worse idea to do it with your kids in tow.

Not everyone agreed with O’Neill’s sentiment, though.

One Twitter user responded by insulting O’Neill himself:

“A good rule of being a decent human: don’t take advice from someone who’s only claim to fame is killing someone.”

(Apparently the person doesn’t know the difference between whose & who’s)

Another apparently forgot that the migrants attacked our law enforcement officials:

“What if you’re seeking asylum? According to our LAWS, asylum seekers should be able to approach our border without getting gassed.”

Most of those who replied agreed with O’Neill’s advice, though.

“These people are using their own children as human shields. If they are capable of this horrific act what else are they capable of? My guess no good things.”

“Why did they refuse asylum in Mexico? Because it’s not about living in a safer place or escaping violence It’s about wanting to take advantage of the American system Build the wall.”

If any others from the caravan attempt to rush the border, maybe they’ll take Rob’s advice. That way they’re the only ones choking on tear gas, not their kids who have no choice in the matter.

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