Ocasio-Cortez Just Said Pentagon Lost $21 Trillion, Missed One Key Thing Though

We got two in one day! Covering newly elected socialist Ocasio-Cortez for the next few years is going to be great!

First, news came out that “my-election-was-as-historic-as-the-moon-landing” Cortez is seeking a seat on the powerful House Financial Services Committee. If she lands a spot on the committee, she’ll basically be running America’s finances with Maxine Waters who is slated to be chairwoman of the committee next year.

Now word is coming in that Cortez made a huge math goof today. The incoming socialist stated that the Pentagon lost $21 trillion and that that money could have helped pay for “Medicare for all.” The problem? According to a noted economist, all the money spent by the Pentagon since 1789 doesn’t even come close to that figure.

Basically, Cortez said that the Pentagon has lost more money than it has ever spent. EVER.

Carmine Sabia of The Federalist Papers reported:

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez really should take a class before she heads to Congress. In fact she should take several. Your humble correspondent has to correct her on a near daily basis. And it happened again on Sunday when she, again, attempted to sound smart and, again, embarrassed herself. She either has no idea what she is talking about, likely, or she is intentionally misleading people to push her Medicare For All fantasy.

“$21 TRILLION of Pentagon financial transactions “could not be traced, documented, or explained.”

“$21T in Pentagon accounting errors. Medicare for All costs ~$32T.

“That means 66% of Medicare for All could have been funded already by the Pentagon.

“And that’s before our premiums,” she wrote.

It is an accounting thing. The cash is not lost. It was spent on important things for our military you halfwit.

I had to step in and take her to school.

But I was not the only one.

He supports her and he is roasting her.”

And she wants to run America’s finances? Hell no!

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Ocasio-Cortez Seeks Seat On House Committee To Run America’s Finances With Maxine Waters

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