Plan Reveals Trump Can Fund Wall Without Dem House Approval

Democrat politicians who once supported border security which included barriers & a wall have now become absolute obstructionists because Trump is president. Trump campaigned on having a wall built on our southern border, and the majority of people in a majority of states elected him to do just that. It was a major campaign promise that went along with his Make America Great Again theme.

Despite Americans electing Trump in large part because of his promise to have a wall built in order to keep their children safe from murderers & drug gangs, Democrats don’t want President Trump to score a victory on the issue, or any other issue for that matter.

Despite Dem opposition, President Trump can fund the border wall without the approval of Congress according to an opinion piece published on USA Today.

The op-ed, titled “Donald Trump can fund the border wall without congressional approval,” reads in part:

“The border wall will be built only if Donald Trump uses executive power to do it. He has the funds available and the authority to build the wall.

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The federal government has shut down because Republicans can’t agree on funding for President Donald Trump’s main campaign promise to build a wall on the southern border with Mexico, and Democrats are insisting they will not vote for wall funding. This typical Washington gridlock is surmountable because Trump can build the wall on his own.

A week ago, the White House put out a call to federal agencies to look for “pots of money” in their existing budgets that could be cobbled together to pay for border wall construction. Immediately, Sen. John Thune, the Republican whip in the upper chamber, shot down the idea of shifting funds from executive departments to the border, saying, “I’m not a big fan of moving money.” Like it or not, there are sources of revenue in the executive branch that the president has authority to use without congressional approval.

The Department of Agriculture has about $200 billion in outstanding loans for rural development projects such as community buildings, bridges, roads, fire stations, police stations, water projects and barriers such as fencing and walls. These federal loans to local communities have low default rates that are attractive to private-sector investors because they represent large, reliable cash flows — the kind of investments that big money funds desperately desire.

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About $50-100 billion worth currently held by USDA are very marketable and attractive commercial paper investments. The rights to collect the remainder of the debt on these loans could be sold to private parties who would pay a premium for such a steady stream of cash payments. The sales would give a profit cushion to the government and alleviate taxpayers from any future risk of nonpayment while retaining certain borrower guarantees.

For example, Trump could authorize the sale of $10 billion of USDA rural water loans on the secondary market, which could bring in a lump sum payment of $12 billion or more. Revenue from these proceeds could be directed to build the border wall.

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Legal authority comes from many angles. Obama stimulus loans (approximately $2-$5 billion) could be separated out and used because they involved “no year” money, meaning the funds don’t expire if not spent in a certain time frame. The president could tap into USDA’s Community Facilities Programs money if recouped funds from the sale were used for new loans to cooperating communities on the border, such as in Texas.

Another option would be to utilize funds in the same way USDA undertakes in-kind swaps with private parties to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commodities and services. This would entail swapping the proceeds of the commercial paper sales for the wall, with construction companies being the counterparties.

These are only a few creative funding avenues that could be explored, some less complicated than others. Such an aggressive approach is a sure way for Trump to regain the initiative and get the attention of lawmakers who have an interest in killing any threat to their control over spending, thus giving the president leverage in negotiations as pressure mounts to end the shutdown.

Minus an 11th-hour deal in the Senate, the only way a border wall will get built is if the president uses executive power to do it. He has the funds available and the authority to build the wall on his own.”

President Trump should absolutely use his executive power to get the wall built. Dems aren’t going to budge because they hate him so much. They are also cognizant of the fact that if there is a border wall, it will greatly slow illegal immigration, and Democrats want illegals as a future voting bloc. They coddle illegals with sanctuary cities, government benefits, and even allow them to vote in local school races. It’s a recruitment drive to get votes so they can obtain power any way possible.

Even after a K-9 police officer was killed here in California by an illegal immigrant, Democrats won’t admit we need a wall to keep Americans safe.

The Dem Party is now a leftist, socialist machine bent on creating a massive federal government which will trample all individual rights, and they are counting on illegals to help them achieve their goal. The wall would greatly hinder their plans. Thankfully, a way has been found for Trump to fund the wall without Congress. Time to step it up! Let’s get that sucker built!

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