Actor James Woods Says Twitter-X Shadow Banning Conservatives Again – Musk Turned?

If you’ve had any sort of social media account, and you’re a conservative, you know the amount of censorship that has gone on, especially since Donald Trump won in 2016.

Social media companies banned conservatives users by the thousands and censored millions just for their beliefs.

It happened all over the place on Twitter. I had an account with almost 30,000 followers when Trump won in 2016, and because I was the editor of the major pro-Trump website Freedom Daily which reached 30 million people per month, my account was suspended forever. Facebook suspended all my accounts on the very same day. I had about 50,000 followers on that site.

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Elon Musk was supposed to come to the rescue when he purchased Twitter, and for a time, things were awesome again, although, my new account was suspended on election night 2022 because I told off two trolls who targeted me. I used very “mean” language.

Apparently the honeymoon on Twitter, now known as X, is over.

Actor James Woods, who actually helped me on many projects I started, including a Benghazi Select Committee Tweetfest which saw us trend nationally over 10 days and getting many members of Congress involved, and many celebrities as well, says that X is now shadow banning conservatives again.

After Musk said the “block” feature was going away, several prominent people, both liberals and conservatives, criticized the move. Musk blocked some of them who he had previously interacted with on a regular basis, especially conservatives like Woods. Another was the well-known conservative humorist who goes by Catturd.

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Woods posted on X today:

“I lost 2,000+ followers today. The first two weeks after Elon Musk’s rescue of Twitter, I gained over 50,000. Clearly the shadow ban is going into overdrive. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.”

A user from outside the USA responded:

“Yep. Here in the Netherlands, they have begun search banning middle to big conservative X-users. I am among them, conservative professor @paulcliteur has been hit too, and many others. X has failed”

One user who ran for U.S. Senate blamed the ADL as Musk is in a battle with them over the organization being behind getting Trump suspended from the site.

“Thanks, ADL! #BanTheADL”

Another posted, “Just in time for the next election. Surprise surprise”

Will Musk allow shadow banning of conservatives to stand? I guess we’ll see if he is who he says he is, the champion of free speech.

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