Biden Uses VA Money For Those Who Crossed Border Illegally

The Biden administration sinks to a new low as it is revealed that money has been diverted from Veterans Affairs aid illegal immigrants.

The Post Millennial reports:

Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) spoke about the matter with Fox Digital in an interview reported on Tuesday morning. The Alabama senator recently introduced a bill titled the “No VA Resources for Illegal Aliens Act” in order to prevent it from happening again.

Tuberville told the outlet, “They’ve opened up care from the doctors in these [VA] community care systems. The lines now in the VA’s are getting longer. Our funds that are supposed to go to the veterans are going to these illegal immigrants that are coming across.”

In December the VA told The Post Millennial history about the issue.

The VA has had an interagency agreement with ICE’s Health Service Corps (IHSC) since 2002 to assist with reimbursements using the VA’s Financial Service Center’s processing system when private providers take on medical care for illegal immigrants while they are at ICE detention centers.  

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Under the agreement, ICE will pay the processing fees and will reimburse private providers. However, the resources used by the VA’s Financial Service Center has likely gotten overloaded with the mass amount of illegal immigration that has been ongoing over the southern border. 

VA representatives told the outlet there is a “history of a backlog of medical claims which has resulted in veterans getting bills they shouldn’t be getting, and … having dissatisfied community care providers who are not getting paid in a timely manner.” 

19 million veterans are not getting funds while the U.S. government is helping criminals.

Tuberville added in the interview, “I think we’ve got a great opportunity to get this, maybe not to a vote, but at least where we discuss it on the floor, where the American people start to understand it.”

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