All Hell Breaks Loose As Matt Gaetz Goes Off The Rails On Democrat Lawmaker

The House Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government hearing on Tuesday became heated as Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) clashed with Norman Eisen, a former member of the Obama administration. Gaetz strongly contested the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) distribution of technological funds, which were supposedly intended to address the issue of misinformation and deception.

Gaetz, known for his enthusiasm, questioned Eisen directly about the NSF’s choice to finance initiatives that, in Gaetz’s view, may potentially single out individuals according to their cultural as well as constitutional values. During the hearing, Gaetz brought up a particular grant given to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and said that it categorized particular Americans as more susceptible to misinformation because they relied on personal beliefs rather than the “expert class.”

“Mr. Eisen, I guess my question to you, if you’re done texting, would be, like, is that OK with you? What NSF has done?” Gaetz started. “Is that essentially what you’re reporting concludes? […] Essentially, this Track F program […] awarded the $750,000 grants to 12 initial projects,” Gaetz emphasized.

“I do have an opinion, Mr. Gaetz, as you know, there are two texts that are holy to me. One is our Torah, our Bible that I live by… The other text that is holy to me is the Constitution,” Eisen remarked as he sought to establish shared understanding.


“However, Gaetz was relentless, pointing out the irony in the NSF’s approach: “Okay, let me stop you there Mr. Eisen because here’s the problem. While you indicate that the Torah and the Constitution are your sacred texts, if Americans indicate online that the Bible and the Constitution are sacred to them, the very grants that are being issued by the NSF would deem those people in a separate and diminished class,” Trending Politics News reported.

“Eisen, an American attorney, author, and former diplomat, is best known for his role as the U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic from 2011 to 2014 during the Obama administration. Eisen also served as Special Counsel and Special Assistant to President Barack Obama, where he worked on ethics and government reform issues,” TPN added.

After his government service, he has been involved in advocacy and legal work, particularly focusing on issues of democracy, governance, and anti-corruption. Eisen has been a frequent commentator on legal and ethical issues in the media and has written extensively on these topics. He is also a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy organization based in Washington, D.C., where he focuses on governance studies.

The debate soon escalated to the implications of using AI for censorship, with Gaetz drawing parallels to dystopian fiction. “Have you seen the movie Minority Report, Tom Cruise? Doesn’t this kind of feel like that? That you’re trying to do that, that it’s coming to life before our very eyes,” Gaetz argued.

Eisen’s attempts to provide context were often cut short by Gaetz’s sharp interjections.

Gaetz’s assertion that “it’s not that military families and rural Americans and people who love the Bible and Constitution are dumber or uniquely susceptible to anything. It’s just they don’t think like how the expert class and the National Science Foundation wants them to think,” captured the essence of the controversy.

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