Amputee Vet Just Landed In DC For Wall Talks – Shames ‘Lazy’ Dems With ONE Pic

Airman Brian Kolfage, the triple-amputee veteran who in 16 short days has raised almost $19 million for a border wall, landed in Washington D.C. earlier today for further discussions with high-level politicos on how to get the wall built.

Kolfage, who was in the nation’s capital last week for talks with elected officials & others regarding how the money would be spent on the wall, returned to D.C. to put the finishing touches on legal matters.

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While Brian was in D.C. last week, The Daily Caller shot several videos of him. An epic one that was just released has him destroying Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over their hypocrisy regarding funding for border security & the wall. Kolfage also slammed comedian Jimmy Kimmel who mocked his efforts & those supporting the wall fund campaign. After Kimmel aired his segment, Kolfage & his family began receiving death threats. Kolfage shredded Kimmel for it in the video.

When Kolfage returned home from the first trip, he stated that what transpired in the talks he was involved in will change American history:

A few days later, amazing news came in that a man had donated 2000 billboards that will display messages for the wall fund campaign across the southern United States.

IT’S HAPPENING! Massive Billboards For Amputee Wall Vet Spread Across South

Before leaving for D.C. today, Kolfage tweeted out an image I had texted him of the attempted border breach that occurred on New Years Day in Tijuana:

“This is why we need a border wall! We will give Americans that wall very soon! I GUARANTEE IT #gofundthewall”

Mass Invasion Force Swarms Border AGAIN – US Forces ATTACKED, Fire GAS

Then, as he was leaving for the capital, he posted this picture of his prosthetic legs, shaming Democrats for not working, while he, a triple-amputee, is.

“Leg room on point! Off to DC to do what Dems won’t do, WORK! Well actually it’s all volunteer, not being paid. Let’s #GoFundTheWall”

Kolfage then posted a picture he took as he arrived.

“How’s that for a flyby. Time for work #GoFundtheWall”

Airman Kolfage is meeting with some very powerful people while he is in the nation’s capital. I’m not at liberty to say exactly who they are, but they are very influential movers & shakers. Brian is set to make a major announcement after the meetings this week. Everyone who is supporting Airman Kolfage & the wall fund campaign will be extremely excited about what is about to transpire. As Kolfage said, it will change American history, and it will.

Despite some in Hollywood mocking his efforts, Airman Kolfage’s campaign to fund the wall is about to become bigger than ever.

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Even as Kolfage is in high-level meetings, President Trump is also working to secure the border & to get Dems to the table. A few minutes ago Trump tweeted out:

“Important meeting today on Border Security with Republican and Democrat Leaders in Congress. Both parties must work together to pass a Funding Bill that protects this Nation and its people – this is the first and most important duty of government.”

Regardless of whether Democrats work with President Trump on wall funding, Airman Kolfage is about to come through in a major way. Kolfage responded to a query for help on another wall project a few hours ago, hinting about the big things to come:

“That’s awesome! But just wait till you see what we have planned. We are very far along after only 14 days!”

Kolfage is doing a segment with Trish Regan of Fox News Business tonight to discuss some of what’s going on.

Get ready, major things are about to happen! Thank you, Airman Kolfage!

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