LOL! Porn Star Lawyer Avenatti’s Law Firm Evicted From California Offices – BUH BYE!

Porn star lawyer Michael Avenatti is having a spell of some serious bad luck. Just a few days ago he was arrested on suspicion of felony domestic violence.

Now it’s being reported that Avenatti’s law firm has been evicted from its offices in Newport Beach.

It couldn’t have happened to a better guy!

Via Fox News:

“Michael Avenatti’s law firm was ordered to be evicted from its California offices over unpaid rent after the judge dismissed his attempt to block the eviction, the latest setback for the embattled lawyer who was arrested on domestic violence charges earlier this week.

The lawyer and his firm were ordered to vacate a Newport Beach office building after the court asserted its previous ruling that ordered to move out, the Los Angeles Times reported.

His law firm – Eagan Avenatti – was sued after skipping four months of rent payments totaling over $213,000.

The landlord of the office building, Irvine Co, won the case last month and ordered Avenatti’s firm to vacate the premises by Nov 1.

Avenatti then requested a reprieve, which delayed the eviction until this Friday’s hearing. He argued, on behalf of Avenatti & Associates, another firm he owns, that he had had an “oral rental agreement with the landlord,” a claim the landlord denied.

Avenatti was no-show at both hearings.

Orange County Superior Court Judge Robert J. Moss reportedly asked the landlord’s attorney if he heard from Avenatti, to which he replied saying he spoke on Tuesday but haven’t heard again.

“There were other events that transpired so I haven’t heard from him since then,” attorney Mark Kompa said, the Times reported.

Avenatti told the Times that his firm’s eviction is a “non-event” because they “was already in the process of moving.”

This is the latest setback for the ambitious lawyer who openly flirted with running for president in 2020 before being hit by the avalanche of legal, financial and personal problems.

Avenatti was booked on a felony domestic violence charge on Wednesday after a woman – whose name remains unknown – filed a domestic violence report.

He has denied the allegations of domestic violence and was released after posting $50,000 bail, and has said he is looking forward to the investigation clearing his name.

Last month, he was hit with two criminal investigation referrals for his role in pushing the allegations against Kavanaugh, with Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley directly accusing Avenatti of conspiring to provide false statements to Congress.

A court ruling also recently ordered Avenatti to pay out nearly $5 million to an attorney at his former law firm.”

Buh bye, Avenatti!

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