BOOM! Court Just Delivered Crushing Blow To Democrats’ 2024 Plan

In a 8-0 decision, the Illinois Elections Board has determined to retain former President Trump on the primary ballot of the state. The judgment was made shortly before the U.S. Supreme Court’s scheduled hearing on whether Trump’s statements regarding the January 6 Capitol intrusion render him ineligible to be president.

Although a former judge and GOP hearing officer alleged that there is a “preponderance of the evidence” indicating that Trump is disqualified from running for president because of a constitutional prohibition on anyone who have participated in rebellion, the board has chosen to leave the final ruling to the judiciary.

“Republican Judge Clark Erickson advised the board to reject the complaint against Trump raised by the voters, citing that according to Illinois Supreme Court precedent, the Elections Board is barred from performing the “significant and sophisticated constitutional analysis” required for a decision,” Trending Politics News reported.

However, Erickson noted that if the board held a different view on the matter of jurisdiction, he was of the opinion that they should then remove Trump from the primary ballot.

“The evidence shows that President Trump understood the divided political climate in the United States,” Erickson asserted, continuing by alleging that Trump “exploited that climate for his own political gain by falsely and publicly claiming the election was stolen from him, even though every single piece of evidence demonstrated that his claim was demonstrably false.”

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The US Supreme Court is set to consider Trump’s challenge of a Colorado verdict that deemed him disqualified for the office of president. This case represents the inaugural instance in which the Supreme Court would deliberate on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which was ratified in 1868 with the intention of prohibiting former Confederates from assuming public positions.

“Scholars have debated whether the 14th Amendment clause applies to Trump for his actions surrounding the 2020 presidential election. The Colorado case is the only one that has succeeded in court so far. Meanwhile, Maine’s Democratic Secretary of State also ruled Trump violated the 14th Amendment, but her decision is pending until the Supreme Court’s ruling,” TPN added.

Secretary of State Shenna Bellows, a Democrat, told MSNBC in December that she was “duty-bound” to make the decision. Republicans in Congress have argued that the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision encroached on their ability to express their powers. The court’s interpretation of the 14th Amendment will not only affect Trump’s eligibility but could also set a precedent for future cases involving allegations of insurrection or rebellion against the United States.

The court is set to hear oral arguments on February 8 concerning the appeal from Colorado. Concurrently, as the primary season progresses and Trump maintains a significant lead among Republicans, the issues surrounding his eligibility are still pending in over 15 states.

The examination by the top court will scrutinize the appeal court’s decision that went against three demonstrators who were charged of impeding the certification of Electoral College ballots by Congress. Trump is facing four charges from special counsel Jack Smith. Smith alleges that Trump incited riots by using social media to urge those who backed him to demonstrate against the certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the election in 2020.

While those on the left are trying to keep Trump off state ballots, Joe Biden is having problems of his own within his own party.

Biden’s Israel position has sparked significant discontent among Arab-Americans, perhaps posing a significant threat to his chances in the upcoming US presidential election. This population holds electoral sway in crucial swing states and is increasingly turning in opposition to him.

“Over the weekend, the Democratic incumbent’s campaign manager traveled to Dearborn, Michigan — home to the largest concentration of Arab-Americans in the United States — and was snubbed by a group of a dozen or so officials, including the Detroit suburb’s mayor,” Barron’s reported.

Biden has asked Congress for billions of dollars in additional military aid to Israel and his government has vetoed multiple UN Security Council calls for a ceasefire in the conflict, leaving many Muslims and people of Middle Eastern heritage feeling betrayed by the Democratic Party, their former political home.

“When elected officials view the atrocities in Gaza only as an electoral problem, they reduce our indescribable pain into a political calculation,” Mayor Abdullah Hammoud articulated on X, elucidating his decision to abstain from meeting Julie Chavez Rodriguez.

Dearborn people enthusiastically applauded his remarks, expressing deep distress over the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. These atrocities have been occurring since Israel initiated a military campaign in response to the deadly bombings and hostage situation orchestrated by the terrorist organization Hamas on October 7th.

“It is a genocide that’s happening against our families and our people, and people have been responding very strongly,” stated Amer Zahr, an AFP interviewee who is both a legal academic and an entertainer.

“We’re not supporting Joe Biden under any circumstances — or any politician frankly — that is not willing to simply call for a ceasefire,” Zahr said.

“Come November 5, Biden faces a tough rematch against likely opponent Donald Trump. Swing states like Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Virginia, with significant proportions of Muslims and Arab-Americans, could be crucial,” Barron’s report continued.

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