BREAKING: Closed US, Mexico Border Crossings To Reopen – Lukeville Soon?

A meeting between top US and Mexican officials has seen an agreement reached which will reopen border crossings which were closed because so many illegal aliens were crossing, US Border Patrol agents couldn’t keep up.

I spent 7 weeks camped out at the port of entry in Lukeville, Arizona, filming the massive waves of illegal aliens coming through which led up to the port’s closure. Americans in that part of the country are hopeful that the port will reopen as it is affecting them financially, especially those with businesses in the tourist destination of Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) in Mexico.

Hundreds of illegal aliens wait to enter the Lukeville Port of Entry in Arizona – Photo by Jeff Rainforth

Reuters reported on Thursday morning:

Mexican and U.S. officials agreed to keep border crossings open, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Thursday, following a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken that focused on securing Mexico’s help to stem record-high migration.

The United States earlier this month temporarily shuttered several crossings, including two key rail bridges, to redeploy enforcement resources elsewhere across the border amid soaring migrant numbers, a pivotal issue in next year’s U.S. elections.

“This agreement has been reached, the rail crossings and the boarder bridges are already being opened to normalize the situation,” Lopez Obrador told a morning press conference. “Every day there is more movement on the border bridges.”

Lopez Obrador said Wednesday’s meetings with the U.S. delegation, which included Blinken and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, were “direct,” and he praised the Biden administration’s relationship with Mexico.

“The relationship with Biden is very good, and he is very respectful of us, of Mexico,” he said, adding that Biden “understands that this (migration) phenomenon has to do with poverty.”

Lopez Obrador earlier this month said he would help the United States by boosting measures to curb migration, without giving details.

U.S. and Mexican officials have not released any more information about possible agreements reached during the meeting so far.

The bilateral talks come as hundreds of migrants and asylum seekers, many with small children, slowly walk across southern Mexico. The caravan, which Lopez Obrador has reduced to some 1,500 people, is unlikely to reach the U.S. border.

But it has highlighted the plight of migrants and asylum seekers, who are fleeing violence, conflict, poverty, and climate change.

The issue of fentanyl, a powerful and deadly opioid, was “hardly discussed” in the meeting, the president added.

The United States has been pressing Mexico to do more to combat fentanyl trafficking, while Mexico has been pushing for stronger U.S. controls to prevent firearms from the neighboring country from reaching powerful drug cartels.

Will the port in Lukeville reopen as part of this agreement is what many want to know.

I spent 7 weeks documenting the crisis in Lukeville, Arizona and only came home a few days ago for a quick break over the holidays.

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When Steve Bannon first saw my first videos from Lukeville, he called it “apocalyptic.” And it really did look that way because of the sun going down, dust in the air, endless miles of border wall and equally endless waves of illegal aliens from all over the world coming down the border road. It is surreal. Seeing it firsthand is unreal.


The video below shows what I saw when I first arrived.

I shot this in Lukesville, AZ on 10-9-23. My first night there after departing Yuma and Sacramento the night prior.

Border wall flood gates have been welded open and human smuggling groups are taking advantage. Talked to illegal aliens from Senegal to India.

I filmed a bunch of Syrians who crossed the border illegally. Border Patrol confirmed they were Syrian and told me that a lot of people from the Middle East are coming through after paying cartels to transport them.


Smuggling groups cut the border wall in several places here in Lukeville, Arizona, on October 30. They’ve been cutting the wall almost daily to get people through illegally.

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Border agents had to move massive numbers of illegal aliens, many from Syria and Africa, but from India and other countries as well. It was surreal. Like out of an apocalyptic movie.

After the port of entry closed indefinitely on December 3rd, Arizona Governor, Democrat Katie Hobbs, wouldn’t answer my question why she just came out to the port of entry on the border in Lukeville when the crisis has been going on for so long. They hid her and then whisked her away when I started asking questions. Later she escaped in a helicopter.

I came on a group of illegal aliens from Guinea in West Africa who asked me to film them. They expressed their love for Joe Biden, and stated that they were going to New York. When I asked them what they would do for work they said they were joining the Marines.

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