HUNDREDS Of Epstein Associates Named In Damning Drop – Panic Erupts!

A judge in New York has issued a ruling to make public over 170 names associated with Jeffrey Epstein, starting in January. This extraordinary disclosure is expected to reveal the connection between the deceased, convicted pedophile, and some of the wealthiest and most influential people around the entire globe.

Judge Loretta Preska delivered her verdict in a lawsuit filed by Virginia Roberts, who accused Ghislaine Maxwell, an associate of Epstein, of enticing underage females and facilitating their abuse, against Prince Andrew. The legal proceedings initiated by Roberts against Maxwell commenced in 2016, and thereafter, other media organizations have been submitting requests to get the release of data pertaining to the lawsuit.

Preska emphasizes the significance of prior interviews provided by individuals associated with Epstein, who are part of the group of 177 individuals being considered. This includes housekeepers who worked on his own island in the Caribbean. The verdict grants individuals a 14-day period to submit any complaints.

A final revelation could occur shortly after the start of 2024.

The whole roster of Epstein associates has been meticulously examined through numerous court proceedings, depositions, emails, and other legal documents arising from the prosecution of Epstein that commenced in 2019. The charitable donor, who had fallen from prominence and was a donor to the Democratic Party, was discovered deceased in his prison cell while waiting for trial.

Several prominent figures, such as Bill Gates and former President Bill Clinton, have already been linked to Epstein. Nevertheless, the additional individuals mentioned in prior public documents encompass subordinate affiliates, a few of whom assert to be victims as well.

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One of the individuals is Annie Farmer, referred to as Doe 63, who provided testimony during Maxwell’s trial. Based on a prior interview conducted by Farmer under her real name, it seems that Doe 64 is representing her sister. Carolyn Adriano, a witness at Maxwell’s trial who provided testimony of being sexually assaulted by Epstein, has previously been referred to as Doe 5. The individual identified as Doe 23 is believed to be Jean-Luc Brunel, a French model and acquaintance of Epstein. Brunel tragically died by suicide while awaiting accusations related to the abuse of young girls, which were identical to those faced by Epstein.

The Daily Mail has developed a complete list of individuals who are believed to be named in the forthcoming disclosure.

Prior to his demise, Epstein maintained a strong presence in Democratic and humanitarian endeavors. At the pinnacle of his influence, he was bestowed with an advising position to revamp legislation pertaining to individuals convicted of sexual offenses in the Virgin Islands. This location served as the infamous site of his widespread misconduct. Simultaneously, U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) is making an attempt to acquire the flight logs of Epstein’s private jet, which corresponds with the disclosure of more identities associated with him.

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