I Filmed MORE Syrian Illegal Aliens Who Came Through A Cut-Open Border Wall In Arizona

About the second week after I arrived on the border in Lukeville, Arizona, I reported on Syrians who had crossed the US border illegally. Border Patrol agents tipped me off about the group and I filmed the illegal aliens inside the port of entry as they were being prepared for transport to a CBP processing center.

I had to climb up a little fence at the port of entry canopy/processing station to take the video through an opening where the canvas had fallen down.

Border Patrol agents would regularly update me on whether they arrested illegal aliens from the Middle East or other countries like Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, etc.

It’s happening more frequently than we know because the mainstream media doesn’t report about it.

Middle Easterners are also difficult to spot because most of them alter their appearance in order to look more Hispanic. I spoke with a former DHS official during a Spaces show on X a few weeks ago who confirmed this.

At any rate, around the third week out of seven when I camped out in Lukeville filming, I witnessed a massive number of illegal aliens—800 to 1000 and maybe 1500 by the time it was over.

I began a livestream on my Facebook and kept it going for almost 6 hours. In the end it reached almost 270,000 people. Some of the illegal aliens in the massive group were from Syria. They actually told me when I asked.

Here is the footage that I clipped from the livestream. The quality is a bit less than normal because it was a livestream, but it’s not bad.


The African illegal alien below was next to the Syrians. He didn’t seem to like me taking his picture.

A former Border Patrol official said on Fox News the other day that the US had lost total control of the border with Mexico and that cartels and human smuggling organizations are now running it. I was just there in Lukeville filming for 7 weeks, and I believe that is in fact the case. The southern border has been completely compromised and overrun.

Here’s the first video I took of Syrian illegal aliens at the Lukeville port of entry.

In the video you see a young Syrian illegal alien who looks like he was injured by an explosion or something.

In an article before this one, I explain how Facebook throttled all traffic of my livestreams after they began going viral. In it is also the almost 6-hour livestream I did on the border in Lukeville, Arizona, during my 7-weeks camped out filming there. I sped it up so it’s condensed to 3 minutes.

There were almost massive interracial fights between Africans and Indians, stampedes, defecation everywhere, insanity.

The entire massive group, which kept growing all night, wasn’t fully transported from the port of entry until past dawn the next day.

That article is ad-free on my Substack for paid subscribers who help keep me reporting on the border, but you can watch on my Jeff Rainforth website which has ads (which also help me stay on the border).

If you want to see the video on X, formerly known as Twitter, I posted the video there, also, where it quickly went viral. A few libs left comments.

It takes an inordinate amount of time to edit the hundreds of videos I have. I’ll be putting together some footage I took of border walls in other countries to compare to our own, which are being cut open. If you’re able, consider making a contribution to my work and future border tours (shooting for this month). Thank you!

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