Illegal Alien Got In My Face Over Dust In The Air On Border. I Said You Didn’t Have To Come

This illegal alien African from Senegal got in my face over dust in the air. I told him, “This is America, man; You didn’t have to come over here.” From a livestream I did on the border in Lukeville, Arizona. A Border agent got out of his truck when he saw the illegal alien.

It was about to get real when he pointed his finger at me up close. You can hear my tone change (I had a self-defense tool on my tactical belt). The border patrol agent told me after that he got out of his truck when he saw the guy approach me and would have taken him down if he attacked.


I camped out in Lukeville, Arizona, for 7 weeks, from October to December, where 800-1500 illegal aliens, many from Islamic nations, were crossing per day.

There were no news networks covering Lukeville for five of the weeks I was there. They only showed up when the port of entry closed.

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