Ivanka Shows Up At Idaho School, Gets Attacked For Helping American Kids

President Trump’s daughter Ivanka is in Iowa to promote technology in education so American kids can grow up & get good paying jobs. Not everyone was happy about the first daughter’s visit, though. Ivanka was attacked online & by protesters who called it a PR stunt for the “princess.”

The Idaho Statesman reported:

“Several students lined up inside Wilder Elementary School on Tuesday morning each held up an iPad displaying a letter of the alphabet to spell out the word “welcome” as one of their two special visitors walked through the school’s doors.

The students gathered around the guest, Apple CEO Tim Cook, as he began querying them about what projects they are working on.

“We are making a movie,” one student called out.

“Who is the star of your movie?” Cook asked.

“You are!” responded the student.

When the next special guest, presidential adviser and first daughter Ivanka Trump, walked through the school’s door several minutes later, the students’ joyous squeals were matched with shouting from a small group of protesters and supporters gathered outside the school.

Unfazed, Trump walked into the group of students and began looking at the images the students displayed on their screens. “I love this,” said Trump, looking at one of the many images. “Did you make that? Very nice.”

Cook and Trump then embarked on a nearly hourlong tour of the school, visiting classroom and watching students demonstrate their technological skills on the handheld devices Apple provided the school district nearly three years ago.

“In the past year I have visited 20 states across the country … these are states that are often called the laboratories of innovation,” Trump said during her visit. “You come into districts where you have superintendents like [Wilder] Superintendent [Jeff] Dillon who is so deeply passionate about bringing innovation and making a system that works for his or her students.”

Protesters & supporters showed up.

Ivanka Tweeted that she was proud to help Americans kids prepare for a successful future.

She was attacked online by liberals who apparently just became concerned about how tax dollars are being spent.

Apparently these people don’t want what’s best for our children.

Ivanka is doing an amazing job. She doesn’t have to help her father out with affairs of the state. She had a great life but chose to be subjected to abuse from the left in order to help our country.

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