Jobs In The Trump Economy? Overheard In A CA Coffee Shop – MSM SILENT

Mainstream fake news media is focused on the bombs that didn’t go off so they aren’t covering what else is going on in the country. Like jobs in the Trump economy.

Trump-haters in MSM never talk about the good things Trump has done. They’re too busy feigning outrage or trying to take him down.

You’ve most likely heard President Trump’s new slogan, Democrats produce mobs, Republicans produce jobs. The latest economic data backs him up on the jobs quip, and we all know about Dem mobs attacking & harassing anyone who doesn’t think as they do.

Yesterday, CNBC reported that the number of Americans receiving unemployment benefits fell to more than a 45-year low, which points to a tightening labor market:

“The labor market is viewed as being near or at full employment, with the unemployment rate close to a 49-year low of 3.7 percent.

There are a record 7.14 million open jobs in the economy, suggesting a shortage of skilled workers.

That was confirmed by the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book published on Wednesday. According to the Fed, “employers throughout the country continued to report tight labor markets and difficulties finding qualified workers.

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 215,000 for the week ended Oct. 20, the Labor Department said on Thursday. Data for the prior week was unrevised. Claims fell to 202,000 during the week ended Sept. 15, which was the lowest level since November 1969.

Thursday’s claims report also showed the number of people receiving benefits after an initial week of aid dropped 5,000 to 1.64 million for the week ended Oct. 13, the lowest level since August 1973. The four-week moving average of the so-called continuing claims fell 6,750 to 1.65 million, also the lowest level since August 1973.

The four-week average of continuing claims declined 33,250 between the September and October survey periods suggesting a further improvement in the unemployment rate.”

On Thursday I went out to get coffee where I live in downtown Sacramento, and right next to the coffee place, a high-rise is being put up. Some of the workers from the site were in the shop & I overheard a few of them talking about how good it was in their industry.

One of the workers was talking about how his company’s competitor was trying to steal employees from them because there weren’t enough skilled workers available.

The competitor was offering as much as ten dollars more an hour to anyone who jumped ship & came to work with them.

He went on to say that it was a lesson for companies that don’t treat their employees good. There are other & better options out there for the taking, he said.

He also said that while he’s happy where he’s at, he knows he can go out & get another good paying job in a hot second.

It’s funny, even here in overtaxed California the benefits of Trump’s focus on the economy & jobs is being felt.

I’ve been unemployed before & I know how much it sucks when jobs are scarce. I remember back in Obama’s era, looking for work when I got caught up in a mass layoff. I worked for Best Buy’s corporate office & a headhunter was sent in to cut thousands of jobs. The search for work in my field was depressing. I ended up taking a menial job for far less pay. It’s so much better now.

It’s awesome to see so many opportunities out there that Trump made happen.

I’ve been attacked by liberal mobs before while doing my job. Antifa & their supporters attacked me while I was reporting on a riot at the CA capitol, and threatened me while I covered the BLM shutdown of the downtown arena in Sacramento for Right Wing News.

What those people need are jobs & maybe they wouldn’t be so angry & violent.

Last year I went to cover CPAC as the editor of Freedom Daily News. Trump spoke of everything he was focused on and accomplishing, and what was about to happen. We’re really enjoying the fruits of his labor on the economy.

Mainstream media is so focused on hating trump, they never talk about how good it is out there. They wouldn’t do it anyway because most in MSM want trump to fail. Whatever.

Since MSM won’t cover it, we need to. It might not always be this good. We need to get the message out in time for the midterm election. We need to keep the House or Trump’s work to keep our economy great & jobs rolling in will be obstructed by Democrat leadership.

Spread the word! Vote Republican for Jobs!


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