My 6-hour Livestream On The Border In Lukeville In 3 Minutes

This is an almost 6-hour livestream I did on the border in Lukeville, Arizona, during my 7-weeks camped out filming there. It’s condensed to 3 minutes. There were almost massive interracial fights between Africans and Indians, stampedes, defecation everywhere, insanity. The entire massive group, which kept growing all night, wasn’t fully transported from the port of entry until past dawn the next day.

In the massive group were illegal aliens from Syria and the Middle East, Africa, India, and South and Central America. It was mostly men. Border Patrol agents told me they had been dealing with this type of situation for 6 months with no major media coming to cover it.


The livestreams I did on Facebook were getting over 250,000 views each. Facebook throttled views after a few days so the truth of what was happening wouldn’t get out.

At first I got huge numbers watching the Lukeville border livestreams on Facebook, but they ended that fast
After going viral with livestreams on the border in Lukeville, Facebook squelched everything

I believe someone in the Biden administration told FB to shut the videos down. Or, FB is doing the bidding of cartels and human smuggling groups. Or both. I gave up on livestreams on FB after the censorship and began posting videos on X which allowed the truth to be shown unfettered.

If you want to see it on X, formerly known as Twitter, I posted the video there, also, where it quickly went viral. A few libs left comments.

I’ve been camped out and filming on the border in Lukeville, AZ for 7 weeks

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