PA Governor Joins Mayor To Push Firearm Confiscation, Gun And Magazine Bans

About a week ago it became a fourth-degree felony to possess “high capacity” magazines in New Jersey. That came on the heels of a Democrat member of Congress suggesting that the government would use nukes on its own citizens if they resisted against proposed gun bans.

Now, the mayor of Pittsburgh has been joined by the Democrat governor of Pennsylvania to push serious gun and magazine bans.

Breitbart reported:

“Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto (D) is pushing firearm confiscation orders, bans on commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms and “high capacity” magazines.

Following the October 27 attack on the gun and security-free Tree of Life Synagogue, Peduto voiced opposition to hiring armed guards to protect congregants. Eleven innocents were killed when a gunman entered the synagogue and no one could shoot back.

Peduto’s solution is to create gun confiscation orders, ban commonly-owned semiautomatic firearms, and ban “high capacity” magazines and bump stocks.

There are two problems with Peduto’s proposals: 1. They would not prevent another synagogue attack from occurring because the biggest issue in a mass shooting is not the type of gun used but the amount of time the attacker has to ply his trade.

For example, while the Democrat Party and gun control groups focused on the type of gun used in the February 14 Parkland shooting, they overlooked the fact that the Parkland gunman has so much time that he was able to pause five times and reload during the attack. There was not pressure because no one could shoot back.

Moreover, the December 14, 2012, Sandy Hook attacker had over nine minutes without armed resistance when he struck that gun-free school. With that kind of time in a gun-free scenario an attacker with a five shot revolver and a pocket full of bullets could kill a gut-wrenching number of innocents.

The second problem with Peduto’s gun control push is Pennsylvania’s preemption law. That law makes it illegal for a municipality to pass gun controls that exceed the controls at the state level. The NRA-ILA published the text of PA’s preemption law: “No county, municipality or township may in any manner regulate the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited by the laws of this Commonwealth.”

Pennsylvania’s Democrat Governor Tom Wolf stated that he will support proposed legislation that would abolish the state’s preemption law, though.

Trib Live reported:

“Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto was joined by Gov. Tom Wolf, members of City Council and state Democratic lawmakers Friday in proposing legislation that would ban semiautomatic rifles and certain ammunition and firearms accessories within city limits.

Citing the 11 people killed in the Oct. 27 mass shooting at Squirrel Hill’s Tree of Life synagogue, Peduto said the ban is necessary to protect the safety and welfare of Pittsburgh residents. He vowed to build a coalition among municipalities and residents across the nation to fend off legal challenges from gun rights activists that are certain to come. Peduto said he’s written letters to more than 100 cities seeking support.

“We intend to work not only in this council chamber but across the state of Pennsylvania in council chambers, in every town and village across this state, to get the support that is needed to change the laws in Harrisburg, but we won’t stop there,” Peduto said. “We’ll work in city halls across the United States, one by one, going to the places where they have not only been the victims of mass homicide, but have been the victims of homicides on a continual basis.”

Kim Stolfer, president of the statewide group Firearm Owners Against Crime, cited a state law prohibiting counties and municipalities from regulating “the lawful ownership, possession, transfer or transportation of firearms, ammunition or ammunition components when carried or transported for purposes not prohibited” in Pennsylvania.

Stolfer said the group would sue the city if it enacts the bills.

“What the city is doing is criminal,” he said. “There’s going to be more than one lawsuit. We’re also going to be pursuing criminal charges against the mayor and council for intentionally violating the law.”

Wolf, along with Democratic state Sens. Jay Costa of Forest Hills, Wayne Fontana of Brookline and state Rep. Dan Frankel of Squirrel Hill vowed to support legislation proposed by Frankel that would abolish the law cited by Stolfer. Pittsburgh for more than a decade has been prevented from enforcing an ordinance requiring the reporting of lost or stolen handguns because of the preemption.

They admitted it would be an uphill fight in Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled Legislature, which has stymied efforts by Democrats to enact stiffer gun laws, but noted GOP lawmakers in October supported passage of the first firearms regulation in more than a decade. The law requires domestic abusers to turn in guns within 24 hours of a conviction.

The key, they said, was to convince Republicans that citizens want change in the wake of mass shootings across the country.

“We have a governor here that’s supporting us,” Fontana said. “If we can get the majority party to understand that their constituents also are concerned, that’s our job. We have to make them understand that. If we do, then we feel like we can maybe get something done, but it’s going to be a fight, and it’s not going to be easy.”

Legislation proposed in Pittsburgh would ban the manufacture, sale, purchase, transportation, carry, storage or possession of assault weapons within the city. A second bill would ban certain ammunition for semiautomatic rifles, including explosive and armor piercing bullets. It would ban accessories, including large magazines and bump stocks that allow rapid fire similar to automatic weapons.

A third bill would permit courts to temporarily prohibit a person deemed at risk by police or family members from possessing a gun.”

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting, a Colorado gun store owner offered to give rabbis free AR-15s or handguns. He also said he would include training and ammunition. There is no news of anyone taking him up on the offer.

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