Pro-Trump Hosts Lose It On Cops They Caught LIVE In The Act On The Border

LFA TV host Jeremy Herrell and his co-hosts, who are major Trump supporters, expressed strong disapproval towards the police officers who attempted to tow an immigration activist’s vehicle during a convoy of citizens who are opposed to illegal aliens being allowed to stay in the country. The cops moved due to outdated registration tags, or at least that was their claim.

The Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN), a media platform favored by Trump, has gained recognition by establishing a distinct identity centered around Trump rallies and commentary that aligns with the MAGA movement, along with other programs. However, the pro-Trump LFA TV has adopted the RSBN concept and expanded upon it.

According to Mediaite:

At a Trump rally a few weeks ago, Herrell whipped up the crowd about “illegals” and riled up some volunteers to hunt down migrants if former President Donald Trump returns to the White House.

“How many people would be willing to let to have Donald Trump deputize them when he becomes president to help them find every single illegal that’s in this country?” Herrell asked the crowd.

This weekend, Herrell got to host the next best thing — a caravan of truckers heading to the border to get a firsthand look at the migrant crisis and accuse others of being “Antifa agitators.”

But the live stream opened to chaos as Herrell yelled into his headset for fellow LFA host Will Johnson—one of the on-the-spot co-hosts—to “STOP TALKING!”

That chaos turned out to be a drama that played out during the course of 19 of the first 40 minutes of the livestream, as an activist named Taylor explained that cops were trying to tow his car because of the “truths” he’s been revealing about “child trafficking” — but also his expired tags.

“My tags are very much expired,” Taylor confirmed to LFA, but insisted the real reason was his ripping-off of the lid on things that, the Sheriff’s deputies later informed him and LFA’s cameras, have nothing to do with them.

Johnson and others confronted the cops, with one off-camera individual asking, “Okay, so I mean, where’s the leniency for Americans? But we’re giving more leniency to the NGOs and illegals coming from across the border.”

The registration for the car expired in 2020, according to the cops.

About half an hour in, Herrell informed hosts on the scene that his viewers had raised $400.00 for Taylor, and eventually it turned out he was able to pay the tow truck driver $100 bucks on the spot to keep his car from being towed.


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