Supreme Court Just Saved the Country By Shutting Dems Down COLD

The attorney who serves as the spokesperson for former President Donald Trump is offering a defense of her statements regarding Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, following criticism from left-leaning commentators and certain members of the Democratic Party last week.

During a segment with Sean Hannity, Alina Habba expressed her belief that Justice Kavanaugh will support Trump in the Supreme Court’s decision about his expulsion from the ballot in Colorado. This support stems from Trump’s unwavering endorsement of Kavanaugh during a fiercely debated nomination process, which involved several unverified allegations of sexual misconduct from his past.

The judges recently granted permission to hear the issue over the Colorado Supreme Court’s 4-3 ruling to exclude Trump from the 2024 ballot. This decision was based on the insurrection section of the 14th Amendment, following an emergency application submitted by Trump’s team of lawyers.

Neil Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett were named to the Supreme Court by Trump in that specific sequence, resulting in a firm constitutional originalist inclination within the high court.

During her appearance with Hannity, Habba expressed her belief that Kavanaugh should support Trump in the Colorado case due to the significant challenges the former president faced in securing the judge’s appointment.

“It should be a slam dunk in the Supreme Court. I have faith in them. People like Kavanaugh, who the president fought for, who the president went through hell to get into place, he’ll step up,” Habba asserted. “Those people will step up not because they’re pro-Trump, but because they’re pro-law, because they’re pro-fairness, and the law on this is very clear.”

Habba’s words on social media drew criticism from several leftists, who accused her of exerting pressure on Kavanaugh to vote in support of Trump or insinuating that his decision would be influenced by perceived allegiance to the past president.

However, Habba disregarded the allegations during a subsequent interview with Newsweek.

“As I have stated multiple times, the Constitution and law speak for itself, and I believe every justice will decide on this clear-cut issue fairly,” Habba informed the outlet.

“Left-wing media’s attempt to intimidate judges who have been put through rigorous vetting due to who they were appointed by is ridiculous, and that is exactly why I addressed it. This is about the Constitution and due process, nothing else,” she continued.


Before this, Habba stated to Newsmax TV that Trump’s frequent attendance at the proceedings in the civil fraud trial, initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James, is due to the significant personal importance he places on the matter.

“It’s a very big deal, and it’s very important to him,” Habba stated on the network. “His entire life was not the presidency. The Trump Organization was Donald Trump, so this is important to him, and I think it sends a good message to New Yorkers and the world that, at the end of the day, he’s a human being. He’s an American. He has a business. He’s trying to make money.”

She stated that Trump desires the success of his commercial venture and that he is “worth billions more than what’s on his statement of financial condition.”

Habba criticized James, alleging that she is “ignoring the streets of New York and is doing this, in my opinion, for political gain. [She] campaigned in 2018 on getting Donald Trump, and we’ve got the campaign video to prove it.”

“They have nothing to hide,” Habba remarked, adding that “There wasn’t an injured party. Everybody made money. The loans were paid back. Ultimately, we have a statute of limitations for a reason. This judge is allowing things that have expired, dating back to as long as 2011. What’s the strategy there?”

On Friday, the Oregon Supreme Court refused to consider the case that sought to prevent former President Donald Trump from being listed on Oregon’s primary and general election ballots. Instead, they chose to wait for the U.S. Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on a similar issue.

In the flurry of an extensive effort led by Democrat organizations, an attempt has been made to dispute Trump’s eligibility to hold federal office based on the 14th Amendment. This amendment bars anyone who have “engaged in insurrection” from being in the position.

A statement by Oregon’s top court indicated that “A decision by the United States Supreme Court regarding the Fourteenth Amendment issue may resolve one or more contentions that relators make in this proceeding.”

“Given that possibility, we deny relators’ petition for a writ of mandamus at this time, without prejudice to relators’ ability to file a new petition seeking resolution of any issue that may remain following a decision by the United States Supreme Court.”

The Oregon action, spearheaded by Free Speech for People, a prominent national advocacy organization, aimed to legally compel the Secretary of State of Oregon to uphold and implement the requirements of the 14th Amendment.

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