Top Fox Anchor DESTROYS Co-Host In Wild LIVE On-Air Altercation

During a discussion on Tuesday, Fox News anchors Charles Payne and Jessica Tarlov engaged in a heated debate on former President Donald Trump’s character, coinciding with the news of his victory in the New Hampshire Republican primary.

Tarlov opined that Trump would face difficulties in persuading Haley supporters and individuals who disapprove of the former president’s offensive remarks and vulgar conduct.

Tarlov’s ranted that Trump “has an uncontrollable narcissism and rage about him when he feels insulted.”

Payne was subsequently included in the discussion and responded, “And I don’t think it’s narcissism. I think it’s you’ve lived in New York long enough. You know, it’s maybe a New York thing. Someone punches you, you punch him back harder. That’s why I grew up in Harlem.”

“Not if the country’s at stake, right?” Tarlov responded swiftly.

“He won. He became president of the United States, with that same personality,” Payne responded with increased enthusiasm.

I don’t think that, you know, listen, I think it’s worse with Biden calling MAGA, Biden’s anger and vitriol and hatred for MAGA it’s far more worse than President Trump’s individual battles with someone who crosses him. That is something that is really detrimental to this country, that the president of the United States despises half of the United States. President Biden, I said earlier today, I just wrote about a week ago I had a segment coming up, so I googled, ‘Biden hates MAGA.’ Nothing but articles after articles after articles. He has expressed hatred for half of the country.

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“Who is writing those articles?” Tarlov asked, expressing doubt about Payne’s online investigation.

“It doesn’t matter because the bottom line is he says it,” Payne retorted, continuing on:

He has vitriol for them. And so that’s MSNBC. And so that’s CNN. And so that’s the New York Times. They have vitriol for half of the nation. They don’t look at them like fellow Americans. And it’s unfortunate they try to paint them as racist, that all the things that they do to their fellow Americans who simply want a safe home, a safe community for the children, and prosperity, they want the same thing, but they demean them all the time. That’s why I think Phillips was so intriguing, because he went to a rally to find out for himself. And guess what? Golly, these are some pretty cool people.

“And it just it’s smart to understand. And also, you see the shift that’s happening, right? You look at, Black voters, Hispanic voters, college women, Latinos who have moved towards Trump. Yeah. So it’s no longer that people are in these boxes based on what their gender is or what they look like. They appear to want, you know, a safe country and they appear to want, a good economy, regardless of what label they have,” stated host Martha MacCallum.


“That’s completely fine. And I know that the lines have shifted dramatically. And but Joe Biden’s responsible for a lot of that, saying that he’s demeaned half the country. First of all, it’s 74 million people that voted for Donald Trump. And he is explicit every time he talks about the MAGA movement to say that this is a subsection of the Republican Party, which is borne out in elections, when you see people voting against Donald Trump,” Tarlov asserted.

“What about the people voting for him?” Payne retorted as the panel members started talking simultaneously.

“But he is talking about insurrectionists,” Tarlov shot back.

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MacCallum is then heard remarking, “He says MAGA like it’s a swear word, instead of a slogan.”

Tarlov responded, whining that Democrats are frequently referred to as “Thugs, pedophiles, socialists, communists.”

Kellyanne Conway interrupted, asking, “Why can’t the border crisis while he’s denigrating, castigating America?”

“That’s not what we are talking about,” Tarlov responded.

“The voters are talking about that, Jessica,” Conway remarked before asserting that Biden’s criticisms of MAGA are his “version of Hillary’s deplorable and irredeemable.”

Meanwhile, we may have something worse than Biden to worry about.

According to a recent report, there are indications that Michelle Obama, the former First Lady, is considering a potential presidential campaign in 2024. This speculation arises as both Michelle Obama and her husband, former President Barack Obama, keep the option open of persuading President Joe Biden not to seek reelection.

Michelle Obama has been seeking the opinions of influential Democratic contributors in New York to assess their level of support for her unconventional campaign, as reported by Cindy Adams, a columnist for the New York Times. According to Adams, the strategy entails a Manchurian incumbent who remains in the race until May and then willingly withdraws, enabling Michelle to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination at the national convention in August.

“Around May, Biden announces he’s not running (even mentally). The so-called plot is that come the August convention, ­Michelle gets nominated.

Next step, Hunter’s father — the temp — drops out just before that convention.

For now, he still play-acts like he’s a real candidate.”

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