Top Host on Fox’s ‘The Five’ Is OUT

During a portion of “The Five,” co-host Greg Gutfeld elucidated and supported former President Donald Trump’s remarks regarding a declining economy. In doing so, he also took a verbal jab at a left-wing co-host of “The View.”

Progressive cable shows and Democratic politicians strongly criticized Trump earlier this week for expressing his belief that the economy is on a path towards a downturn, and if that were to happen, it would hopefully occur prior to the election.

“And when there’s a crash, I hope it’s going to be during these next 12 months because I don’t want to be Herbert Hoover,” stated Trump in an interview with legendary news host, Lou Dobbs.

Hoover was defeated in the 1932 election by Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Democratic candidate, following the stock market disaster in October 1929, which triggered the Great Depression.

Trump expressed his belief that the economy is delicate and “the only reason it’s running now is it’s running off the fumes of what we did.”

Major news and political commentators on the left and those in the Biden administration alleged that Trump harbored desires for an economic downturn.

“When it comes to a commander-in-chief’s duty, they’re not supposed to wish for an economic downturn,” stated Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, in response to the comments. “They’re supposed to put the American people first; that is what the commander-in-chief is supposed to do. They’re not supposed to hope that American families suffer.”

Gutfeld clarified that Trump’s statement was very different from what was previously mentioned, at the same time saying he himself would be out, or, leave The Five if it had bad ratings.

“He — what Trump said is if the economy bottoms out, I hope it’s before I’m in office. That’s what he said,” Gutfeld elucidated. “But the media ran with it saying, like, he wants the economy to crumble.

“Let me translate this so the media understands it, the people who work in cable news. If The Five ever gets a low rating, and I’m not saying it will, I don’t want to be on that show! Right? I don’t want to be on that show,” Gutfeld went on.

“Now, I didn’t say when The Five gets a low rating because it never does, but if it does, I don’t want to be on the show. Does that sink into Joy Reid’s head now? ‘Oh, I get it. He was saying he didn’t want — he doesn’t want it to happen, but if it does, before he becomes president. Now I understand,’” Gutfeld hilariously and sarcastically explained.


According to a pollster, the continual prosecution of Trump by the Biden administration is causing him to be seen as an unfairly persecuted martyr of significant magnitude, similar to Nelson Mandela. This perception could perhaps help him regain the presidency.

Last week, Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reported that “Nearly 7 in 10 voters, or 69%, believe that politics ‘has played’ a role in the four indictments against Trump, according to a new survey shared with Secrets.”

He stated that “Voters are angered at what they see as Democratic strong-arm tactics to take out America’s most popular politician with legal and political tactics and believe that President Joe Biden and his Justice Department are behind it.”

In addition, 58 percent of the participants expressed the belief that Biden played a part in guaranteeing Trump’s indictment.

This sentiment was shared by one-third of Democrats, 54 percent of black voters, and 58 percent of Hispanic respondents.

The study revealed that a majority of respondents, specifically 56 percent, expressed their desire for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to “stop targeting Donald Trump and interfering with the upcoming presidential election and Biden should let the voters decide who the next president should be.”

According to long-time GOP pollster  John McLaughlin, who Trump hired during his first run, “Biden is trying to make Donald Trump the Nelson Mandela of America.”

In his writing, McLaughlin states Mandela spent 27 years in jail because he opposed South Africa’s white leadership and he was elected president when he was eventually freed, turned out of jail as a hero for standing firm in rejecting his opponents.

The poll was done before the left-leaning Colorado Supreme Court booted Trump off the primary ballot pending an appeal, but McLaughlin said the move fits a pattern Republican and some moderate voters see as a Soviet-style effort to silence enemies.

Barack Obama, who has exerted influence discreetly in the Biden administration, has expressed strong concerns about the potential consequences if the current president fails to secure re-election against former president Donald Trump.

NBC observed a worrisome development for the Biden campaign.

The Washington Post, a journal renowned for its alignment with the Democratic Party, recently reported on the purported discontent of the Obama camp with the Biden campaign. This might potentially have negative implications for the current president’s chances of success.

Former President Barack Obama has raised questions about the structure of President Biden’s reelection campaign, discussing the matter directly with Biden and telling the president’s aides and allies the campaign needs to be empowered to make decisions without clearing them with the White House, according to three people familiar with the conversations.

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