Trans Miss Universe Contestant: ‘Having A Vagina Does Not Make Me A Woman’

He’s right. Just as putting on a space suit doesn’t make a person an astronaut.

The Daily Wire is reporting:

Transgender Miss Universe contestant Angela Ponce said in a recent interview that “having a vagina does not make me a woman” because “I am a woman and already was before my birth.”

Ponce — who represented Spain — made history as the first transgender person in history to compete in the Miss Universe contest, ultimately losing. The Daily Wire reported in early December:

After winning the 2018 Miss Universe Spain pageant, Angela Ponce, a biological male who has undergone gender reassignment surgery and hormone therapy, has not only become the first trans contestant in the Miss Universe competition but the oddsmakers’ hands-down favorite.

Before losing the competition over the weekend, Ponce claimed that biology does not determine gender.

“Having a vagina does not make me a woman,” Ponce said. “I am a woman and already was before my birth. Because my identity is here [points at her head], not down there. This determines my being a woman.”


“The question of the fairness of biological males competing in female contests has become a hot-button issue, particularly in sports, where it has become increasingly prominent and males often have clear advantages, even when undergoing hormone therapy,” The Daily Wire noted earlier this month.

One example happened over summer when two transgender runners dominated a high school girl’s race. The Daily Wire reported:

On Monday, when Connecticut had its State Open track and field championships at Willow Brook Park, one person broke the State Open records for girls in both the 100 and 200-meter runs.

That person was a biological boy.

Terry Miller of Bulkeley, a transgender, won the events. In the 100 meter dash, the runner-up was Andraya Yearwood of Cromwell, also a transgender.

Also over the summer, the World Health Organization (WHO) released “the 11th edition of its International Classification of Diseases (ICD) manual, which no longer classifies being transgender as a mental health disorder — but now classifies playing video games as a mental health disorder,” The Daily Wire reported.

The World Health Organization wrote:

Gender incongruence, meanwhile, has also been moved out of mental disorders in the ICD, into sexual health conditions. The rationale being that while evidence is now clear that it is not a mental disorder, and indeed classifying it in this can cause enormous stigma for people who are transgender, there remain significant health care needs that can best be met if the condition is coded under the ICD.

The World Health Organization then proceeded to classify excessive video game playing as a mental health disorder. CNN reported:

Watching as a video game ensnares their child, many a parent has grumbled about “digital heroin,” likening the flashing images to one of the world’s most addictive substances.

Now, they may have backup: The World Health Organization announced “gaming disorder” as a new mental health condition …

One Twitter user whose profile reads: “Gender is a construct, tear it apart” posted this:

“Miss @angelaponceof is a woman and no amount of bigotry, hatred, ignorance, and transphobia could erase that!”

In other news, I sat in my garage for an hour and now I’m a Chrysler.

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