Triple-Amputee Vet In Texas With Wall Team: Meeting Landowners, Donors, Border Officials

My friend, triple-amputee vet Airman Brian Kolfage, arrived in Texas with members of his advisory board Sunday night. Kolfage is meeting with landowners and Border Patrol officials to determine where the wall should be built. Kolfage is also meeting with major donors who will help “make the impossible a reality.”

Brian did a quick interview at the Rio Grande on Monday explaining what he & the team are doing:

Kolfage’s “We Build the Wall, Inc.” reported:

“Brian Kolfage arrived in Texas last night with members of the “We Build the Wall, Inc.” advisory board.

Kolfage and the team are meeting with landowners who want the wall built on their border property and with officials from U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Kolfage posted to his Twitter account when he arrived:

“Hello McAllen Texas! What a beautiful place to put the ‘Peoples Wall.’ Agenda: meeting with land owners who want wall now! New board members announced this week! It gets better… Big big conservative donors ready to make the ‘impossible’ a reality.”

This morning Kolfage & the team headed over to Border Patrol Headquarters in Edinburg:

“Hello #Texas! Time to see what USCBP thinks of our border wall plans. I have a live interview on OAN at 3pm EST! Tune in! We are making huge progress! Sorry @chuckschumer & @SpeakerPelosi you can’t stop this wall!


“Down here in Texas with local law enforcement and officials meeting with land owners who want the wall!”

The team also visited the Rio Grande River. In the pic below that Kolfage sent over, you can see Mexico on the other side.

That’s not a lot of water to cross to get into the U.S.

Dustin Stockton, VP of Strategy for We Build the Wall, Inc, posted this picture of Airman Kolfage with Comms Director Jennifer Lawrence.

This is the initial phase of planning to build the wall on private property. Construction is slated to begin within two months. Kolfage has raised over $20 million for the project, and most of those who donated & responded to the plan have opted in to have his team build the wall, thereby bypassing Democrats in Congress.”

As Kolfage was flying to the Texas border he Tweeted about the major donors:

“Oh by the way on the plane now to meet with huge conservative donors in Texas. $1BILLION is in near future. We are going to slap up so much beautiful wall and no one can stop it. “But but but you can’t do that… impossible”

President Trump gave his blessing to Airman Kolfage’s campaign to build the wall last week in a phone call with “We Build the Wall, Inc.” advisory board member, Kris Kobach. Kobach is the former Secretary of State of Kansas and he may run for Senate in 2020.

Brian let me know about the new donors who are about to get involved. While I’m not at liberty to give specifics, the dollar amount that they are going to give is massive. With their help & hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans, Brian & his team will construct a LOT of wall on the border. Brian is also set to announce two new advisory board members and you will immediately recognize them (big names) from their work in politics & popular culture.

Exciting stuff going on! They’re going to get the wall built & Pelosi & Schumer won’t be able to do a thing about it!

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