Trump Has Crowd In Frenzy Over Coin Toss, Then He Turns And Honors Every Captain On The Field

President Trump was in attendance at the Army vs Navy game yesterday. During the singing of the National Anthem not a single person kneeled, putting NFL players to shame.

Prior to the Anthem, the military chaplain offered a prayer for all who serve. It is being hailed as one of the most powerful prayers ever as the chaplain said, “in this game, every player on the field is willing to die for every person watching.”

And then there was the coin toss.

The Western Journal reported:

“The president participated in the ceremonial coin toss before the 119th edition of the annual matchup. A crowd of 66,729 — many active duty military members — were at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia for the festivities.

Trump seemed to get a warm reception from the fans — or, perhaps they were just happy that Navy won the coin toss — but then he got more applause when he honored the captains from both teams.

The president turned and shook hands with the captains for both the Midshipmen and the Black Knights.”


President Trump shared a video of the singing of the National Anthem on his Twitter account.

Trump also posted an amazing photo of the stadium at Lincoln Financial Field that he took from Air Force One as he was arriving.

WJ added:

CNN reported that while the approach path to Philadelphia International Airport is normally close to Lincoln Financial Field, Air Force One made a special low pass over the stadium and dipped its right wing.”

After the game, President Trump Tweeted:

“It was my honor to attend today’s #ArmyNavyGame in Philadelphia. A GREAT game played all around by our HEROES. Congratulations @ArmyWP_Football on the win!”

According to the U.S. Army:

“Cadets and midshipmen played the first Army-Navy football game Nov. 29, 1890 on “The Plain” at West Point. Navy had been playing organized football since 1879 and defeated the newly established Army team, 24-0.”

“Twice during World War I, in 1917 and 1918, games were canceled on orders from the War Department. And in 1928 and 1929, the academies could not reconcile player eligibility standards.

On Nov. 27, 1926, the game was held in Chicago for the formal dedication of Soldier Field in honor of the American servicemen who had fought in World War I.

The tradition of mules as mascots for Army dates back to 1899, when a quartermaster officer decided the team needed a mascot to counter the Navy goat and chose a white mule used to pull an ice wagon.

Only six Army-Navy games have been held on the campus of either academy. Two of those games were during World War II, one in 1942 and the other in 1943.

Following each game, players sing both teams’ alma maters. The winning team joins the losing team and sings facing the losing team’s students. Then the losing team joins the victors on their side of the field and sings the winner’s alma mater to its students. This act is a show of mutual respect and solidarity.

A 1973 episode of “M*A*S*H” referenced a fictional Army-Navy game that ended 42-36 Navy. To this day, no Army-Navy game has ended with that score. The radio announcer in the episode says the game is the 53rd Army-Navy game. That game was played in 1952; Navy won, 7-0.

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