Twitter CEO Refuses Amputee Vet, Vet Warns Him What’s Going To Happen

My friend, triple-amputee veteran Airman Brian Kolfage, has become widely known because of his campaign to fund the wall on our southern border. In 3 weeks he raised almost $20 million to begin construction.

Because of Kolfage’s popularity, some are posing as him on Twitter & duping people to contribute to bogus wall campaigns & other things. Kolfage has asked that Twitter verify his account so people will know it’s really him, but the social media company has so far refused.

Airman Kolfage sent a message to Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, asking why his request was denied:

“Hey @jack your platform is enabling wire fraud in my name and your users are stealing this disabled veterans identity. Why was my verification denied.”

When no answer was forthcoming from Dorsey, Republican Congressman Mark Meadows stepped in & tweeted this to him today:

“@Jack Brian Kolfage is a disabled Veteran and a popular user on your platform. I met with him in my office just a few days ago. People are impersonating him on Twitter to try and scam users for money. He needs to be verified. Why was his application denied?”

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Kolfage responded to Meadows that it’s illegal to discriminate against a person because of their political views, and hinted that Twitter could be sued, just as Facebook is about to be by Kolfage for discriminating against him by shutting down his political pages just prior the midterm elections.

“I love my country too much for them to handle. Pretty sure there’s a law in DC that states you cannot discriminate against anyone based on political opinion; Facebook should know :)”

Twitter also suppressed Airman Kolfage’s petition to build the wall right before Christmas last year.

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Most of us are aware of Twitter’s discrimination against conservatives. Last November Politico reported:

“Conservatives or far-right figures Twitter has banned or suspended include Roger Stone, Chuck Johnson, “Sabo,” Milo Yiannopoulos, James Allsup, Richard Spencer, David Duke, “Baked Alaska,” Robert Stacy McCain, Candace Owens, David Clarke, Gavin McInnes and James Woods. In an August piece in the Federalist, Kelly predicted that the banishment of Alex Jones from Facebook presaged the de-conservatization of social media. “They just knew Jones was the weak member of the herd. They could pick him off as a test run. Next they’re coming for you,” Kelly wrote.”

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Jack might want to be careful with Airman Kolfage, though. You might not have known it, but Airman Kolfage ran the Right Wing News Facebook page last year & had been involved with the brand for several years. That is until Facebook decided it didn’t like how Brian ran the RWN page and they shut it down. The page had 3.6 million fans & Kolfage was a major factor behind its regrowth as he brought it back to life. Facebook also shut down Brian’s coffee company page, Military Grade Coffee, at the same time. The page was non-political, and 10% of proceeds from sales go to veterans charities.

Kolfage had given Facebook over $300,000 in advertising for the pages. President Trump’s son, Trump Jr. took note of Facebook targeting Brian.

Airman Kolfage started the Fight4FreeSpeech website shortly after, and vowed to take Facebook & Zuckerberg to court.

Now Twitter is getting in on the discrimination against Airman Kolfage because the social media giant is run by Silicon Valley liberals who don’t want a wall which would stop drug cartels & murderers from crossing the border. It won’t stop Brian, though. He’s never quit in his life, and he will accomplish his mission to build the wall!

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Here’s what you can do to help Airman Kolfage get the wall built!

To donate to Kolfage’s wall fund, go to the official GoFundMe account HERE

SEND CHECK DONATIONS TO (This is listed on the official GoFundMe account so you can verify):
Make Payable to: WeFund The Wall
Brian Kolfage
4833 Front St. Unit B-158
Castle Rock, CO 80104

The official wall fundraiser site is at
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To help Kolfage personally:

Purchase coffee from his company by going to
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This article was written by Jeff Rainforth for and originally appeared here. It was republished & edited with permission.

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